The Super Amazing New Pick 6 FanPost! or, Hey look, papality actually capitalized stuff!

hello rowbots! our old Pick 6 fanpost recently was locked for comments, some kind of time limit thing i think, so i've decided to make a new one. feel free to post your lineups, discuss strategy, talk smack (within community guidelines, of course), etc. past the jump, i'll put up a brief explanation of Pick 6 for anyone new to it, as well as post the top of the PR leaderboard, so we all can know who to chase down.

the basics: Pick 6 is a simple and easy form of fantasy baseball in which you are given a daily budget, $120, and must pick 6 players for your roster (you can't submit with fewer than 6 cough cough SDcat09). you choose a starting pitcher, catcher, corner infielder, middle infielder, outfielder, and a relief pitcher from the pool of MLB games being played on any given day. these players earn points according to the system of linear weights, a more detailed explanation of which can be found here. your rosters must be submitted before the day's games begin, which can sometimes be early in the morning for those of us in mountain, pacific, or otherwise non-east coast time zones, so be prepared.

$0.50 fridays: this is a fun extra dimension we add here at PR, and it's pretty straightforward: every friday, create the best roster you can from the players who cost $0.50. now, it's not mandatory that you participate, but if you don't we'll make fun of you and shun you and stuff.

here's the top of the leaderboard as of 6/7/2012:
Rank Player Points
1 lockeitup 1239.4
2 RarefiedAir9 1214.4
3 holly96 1210.8
4 Purple Rox 1140.6
5 ShadowPenguin 1129.3
6 Rock Oax 1124.4
7 MikeYoung 1056.2
8 Roxman4ever 1038.1
9 Charlie77 1023.5
10 RMC7511 1008.0
11 Magic Rat 993.5
12 dwhite_13 958.3
13 free7694 951.9
14 Russ Oates 946.7
15 A_Sandiwch 936.5
16 papality 931.6
17 Andrew T. Fisher 926.8
18 MRead519 919.4
19 DenverBears 891.3
20 AlexWhitesChauffeur 854.2

Eat. Drink. Be Merry. But the above FanPost does not necessarily reflect the attitudes, opinions, or views of Purple Row's staff (unless, of course, it's written by the staff [and even then, it still might not]).

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