O'Dowd the Barter King: Rox Trade History Since 2007

I was curiously spending my off night looking through past Rockies' prospects and deals, so I thought I would put into perspective at what Dan O'Dowd has done since 2007 to try to shape the team into a contender. As you'll see as I briefly review each trade, bartering is not a weakness of O'Dowd. I'll grade each player's performance with the Rockies since 2009 using a letter grade, then use those to decide who won the deal. I'll work forwards.


Rockies get LHP Jorge De La Rosa (B+) for Cash (---); Obvious winner is the Rockies. De La Rosa pitched like an ace before tearing his elbow ligament in 2011. Not bad for cash.

Rockies get RHP Jason Grilli (C-) for RHP Zach Simons (N/A); This trade was a wash. Grilli has been a stud with Pittsburgh in 2012, but neither really made an impact on the Rockies

Rockies get RHP Tyler Lumsden (N/A) for Cash; I'll put this one as a slight loss. Waste of money, as he never even made Tulsa's roster.

2008 Summary: For essentially nothing, the Rockies added their 2012 ace.


Rockies acquire RHP Jason Marquis (C+) for RHP Luis Vizcaino (C); Marquis had a huge first half in 2009, but blew it the second half. Vizcaino was a solid reliever for a couple different teams since then. Overall, it was crucial to the 2009 Pennant race as those wins in the first half by Jason still counted.

Rockies acquire LF Carlos Gonzalez (A++), RHP Huston Street (C-), and LHP Greg Smith (D-) for LF Matt Holliday (B); Holliday hasn't quite lived up to what he did in Denver anywhere else, and Carlos Gonzalez should if justice exists be an All-Star in 2012. Street ended up help closing games in 2009, and he ultimately ended up as salary that paid for RF Michael Cuddyer.

Rockies acquire RHP Rafael Betancourt (A) for RHP Connor Graham (F); Graham has never made the big leagues and Rafael has become the closer for the 2012 Rockies. What a steal. That's 2 in a row.

Rockies acquire LHP Joe Beimel (C+) for two minor league pitchers; those minor leaguers stayed minor leaguers, and Beimel was a good LOOGY until LHP Matt Reynolds was groomed.

Rockies acquire RHP Jose Contreras (F) for PTBN; Contreras didn't bring much to the table, but the player we lost was just a career .200 hitter in Tulsa. No big deal at all, but it had amazing potential.

2009 Summary: The stars came from here. Carlos Gonzalez, Betancourt, and Cuddyer all in some way came from this year (or players in this year). Playoffs were definitely well deserved after these deals.


Rockies acquire RHP Felipe Paulino (C) for 2B Clint Barmes (D); I feel this move was huge. We got rid of the offensive Bermuda triangle that was in our 8 hole in Barmes. Paulino panned out in Kansas City, so I feel we didn't give him enough time before we DFA'd Paulino.

Rockies acquire INF Jose Lopez (F) for RHP Chaz Roe (F); Overall, this trade was a wash. Lopez was gone in a month and Chaz Roe had to move to AA's baseball league because of a 6.41 ERA in Double-A.

2010 Summary: A quiet year in trading proved to make a quiet impact. Lopez and Barmes leaving opened the door for all the infield moves made in 2011 and 2012. And Paulino's release was subtle, and we lost what could have been a solid starter with patience.


Rockies acquire cash (---) for LHP Franklin Morales (B-); Frankie's rebound a little in Boston is good for him, but he was a lost cause in Colorado. Cash is good, my friends.

Rockies acquire 2B Mark Ellis (C-) for RHP Bruce Billings (INC); Ellis was a solid second basemen (compared to Herrera I guess), but he left for L.A. Billings could reach/has reached the bigs for Oakland soon, so I think this will end up a loss Rockies fans.

Rockies acquire RHP Alex White (C), LHP Drew Pomeranz (INC), C Matt McBride (A-), and RHP Joe Gardner (B) for RHP Ubaldo Jimenez (C); The big trade. I think this was the reason I wrote the article. This was blind robbery. I might be crazy but I think Alex White will be the Rockies' Ace for a long time to come. And Pomeranz looks to be that solid lefty to follow him in the rotation, either he or Friedrich. The real winner was RHP Jhoulys Chacin, who was now the ace to look to. McBride is hitting over .300 in the Springs and could be a solid September bat. Gardner is a AA innings eater. This trade was no doubt a win, win, win.

Rockies trade RHP Huston Street (C-) [SD] and 3B Ty Wigginton (C+) [PHI] for cash; these cash trades allowed the Rockies to sign Cuddyer as mentioned, as well as C Ramon Hernandez.

2011 Summary: This was by far the busiest year of trading, signaling the giving up on the 2009 team led by Ubaldo, the end of Generation R, and going in a new direction. They added 2 front-of-the-rotation guys and cash to sign the culture changes like Cuddy and Ramon, as well as perform these 2012 trades.


Rockies acquire 1B Chad Tracy (C) for RHP Greg Reynolds (Z); this was more about changing the culture. Reynolds was a bust, and they moved on. Chad, by the way, is manager Jim Tracy's son.

Rockies acquire RHP Kevin Slowey for cash, then flip him for RHP Zach Putnam (INC); Putnam will be in the bigs in September and could provide something from the bullpen. Slowey would have been better though, especially with the rotation struggles.

Rockies acquire RHP Guillermo Moscoso (C-) and LHP Josh Outman (B) for RF Seth Smith (C-); the Rockies got a couple of solid pitchers for Smith, who was doomed since the Cuddyer signing. I expect if the Rockies are in contention, Moscoso will be in AAA waiting in case of injury, and Josh Outman will be firing strikes out of the pen.

Rockies acquire 2B Marco Scutaro (A-) for RHP Clayton Mortenson (B-); Mortenson's doing OK in Boston's farm system, but the Rockies got what they needed at second in Scutaro. As we've seen, he can also spell Tulo when hurt.

Rockies acquire RF Tyler Colvin (B-) and 2B DJ LeMahieu (C+) for 3B Ian Stewart (C) and RHP Casey Weathers (D); Colvin is a solid 4th outfielder, LeMahieu could hold down 2nd until Trevor Story is ready. Stewart has been .200 hitting Stewart, and Weathers is still a bust. Huge win.

Rockies acquire RHP Jeremy Guthrie (D+) for RHP Jason Hammel (A+) and RHP Matt Lindstrom (B); this trade is a loss. Guthrie has struggled mightily and gotten shelled each time out, while Hammel is a borderline All-Star, and Lindstrom is solid in the AL East Leaders' pen. This trade is what has Baltimore off to a great start.

2012 Summary: Overall, the Rockies are better off. Hammel and Lindstrom wouldn't be this good in Colorado, and Scutaro is just what we needed at second. Outman and Moscoso are good adds as well. Colvin has surprised too, and LeMahieu is good depth.

Players on Rockies' 25 Man Roster acquired between 2008 and 2012 via trade/waivers:

LF Carlos Gonzalez

RF Michael Cuddyer (Cash acquired in trade)

RF Tyler Colvin

2B Marco Scutaro

2B DJ LeMahieu

1B Jason Giambi

C Ramon Hernanadez (Cash)

SP Jeremy Guthrie

SP Guillermo Moscoso

SP Alex White

SP Drew Pomeranz (in AAA at the moment)

RP Josh Outman

RP Adam Ottovino

RP Josh Roenicke

CP Rafael Betancourt

Quite the list, huh? In my opinion, I think Dan O'Dowd has gotten the upper hand on his GM competitors, only losing 4 trades by my count. The Rockies are in a good position if everyone could live to their potential. O'Dowd can only put the team together on paper. It's up to the coaches to get the best out of it.

Thank you if you read all this. This took a lot of time and work. Go Rockies!

Eat. Drink. Be Merry. But the above FanPost does not necessarily reflect the attitudes, opinions, or views of Purple Row's staff (unless, of course, it's written by the staff [and even then, it still might not]).

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