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In 2011, by this point, I was ready for 2012. However, if I was to predict the season, I would never have guessed Tulo missing over half the year, Chacin almost getting demoted before a large DL trip, Rutledge making the club before Arenado, and having the best bullpen in baseball by this point. So I thought I'd document my 2013 predictions now, post your predictions in the comments, and we'll check back in a year from now.

Summary: 2013 isn't much like 2012 in the win-loss column, though it has similar emotions. The team still shows falshes of talent, but their youth makes them maddeningly inconsistent. The hitting has improved, though it was never an issue, the rotation, though weak, is better than last year (no where else to go), and the bullpen has faltered some. The team is still in contention, and not sure whether to buy or sell. 3 GB from the second wild card.

C: Rosario, McBride (Pacheco)
Rosario has continued to build on his Rookie year, though his average is still low, K% has improved, and his defense is subpar. After a stellar september callup Matt McBride stuck around as a backup catcher (along with Pacheco) much to the disdain of fans as team wide Catcher defense is atrocious.

1B: Cuddyer, Helton (McBride, Colvin, Pacheco)
Cuddyer is still a league average bat, this year however, there are way fewer trade demands about him. The Toddfather is hanging around. The BA is back up, but the power is gone. He has announced he will retire, but he thrives in a modified Giambi role.

2B: Rutledge
He isn't quite as exciting as he seemed in 2012, but he is a solid 2B, and will be for a while, low K%, high BA, and good defense.

3B: Arenado, Pacheco
Arenado has looked good so far, and shown flashes of the player we thought he could be. More strikeouts than we thought there would be, but there is still good d, high average, and more power than expected. Pacheco has been great out of a PH role.

SS: Tulowitzki

Tulo Gonna Tulo.

OF: Cargo, Dex, Colvin, EY2, Blackmon
Cargo and Dex are similar players to 2012 (though Cargo started slowly), Colvin is the .275, 20 HR player we hoped hed be (not the .300 hitter though), Blackmon is a good 4th OF, and EY2 is still clinging to 25th man (though Dickerson will get the spot soon).

SP: Pomeranz, Chacin, Friedrich, Nicasio, DLR

Pomeranz looks like 2009 Ubaldo Jimenez (Ace potential, solid starter/TOR for now), Chacin isn't 2012 nor first half 2011, but a solid starter. Nicasio is an absolute workhorse (and young), and DLR has never returned to form, when Francis returns from the DL (or Bettis is ready) he may be gone, Friedrich may also lose his spot, as though he is occasionally dominant, he is fairly hittable.

RP: Brothers, Belisle, Roenicke, White, Reynolds, Ottavino, Escalona
Pretty good bullpen, Not like last year, but thy'll more than suffice.

Top 5 PuRPS:



All in all it's a good team, and it looks like 2014 will be even better. Thank God we didn't fire DOD

Eat. Drink. Be Merry. But the above FanPost does not necessarily reflect the attitudes, opinions, or views of Purple Row's staff (unless, of course, it's written by the staff [and even then, it still might not]).

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