Saturday Rockpile: Sources: Rockies' Injuries and Overall Bad Luck So Ridiculous it's Literally Funny

Christian Friedrich is the latest member of the Colorado Rockies to have his season robbed by an injury. (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

When I was brainstorming ideas for my weekly Rockpile post yesterday afternoon, I was thinking about writing about how Rockies fans haven't ever come up with a cool group to pay tribute to players like Giants' fans have done for Melky Cabrera, as the Melk Men have taken AT&T Park by storm. I was going to throw a few possibilities out there, like Todd's Fathers (a group of fans dressed up either like catholic priests or just straight-up dads, right down to the really really light blue jeans and white high tops), or Tulo's Bros (a group wearing popped collars along with possible headbands and/or wristbands, tribal tattoos, and individually shitty dispositions) - you know, just your basic run-of-the-mill stupid Bryan Kilpatrick ideas. But then, as last night's bludgeoning of the Rockies by the Giants came to a close, Troy Renck broke the news that Christian Friedrich will miss the rest of the season with a stress fracture in his back.

During significant parts of this dreadful season, Friedrich had been one of the starting rotation's only bright spots. He looks to be on his way to becoming a pretty decent major league pitcher, despite taking some beatings early in his career. However, that will get delayed now due to the injury, and the news sent many Rockies fans on Twitter into hilarious delirium. I present to you, #RockiesInjuryUpdates:

It kind of started with this, although it may not hold up in a court of law:


Then, our good friend Franchise26 opened the floodgates:


It was all over from there...







6lbdj_medium guys get the picture. How unfair is 2012? How much more unfair is it going to get? How much stupider can I possibly be?

Who really knows the answer to any of those questions...

There may or may not be some links later on this morning. Either way, have fun, enjoy your day, and always laugh.

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