Projecting the 25 man roster of all Rockies full season teams

Colorado Rockies Sky Sox Tulsa Drillers Modesto Nuts Asheville Tourists
Starter #1 Chacin, Jhoulys Cabrera, Edwar Frazier, Parker Anderson, Tyler Broyles, Shane
Starter #2 De La Rosa, Jorge Chatwood, Tyler Houston, Dan Mueller, Josh Oakes, T.J.
Starter #3 Friedrich, Christian Gardner, Joe Bettis, Chad Jensen, Chris Tago, Peter
Starter #4 Nicasio, Juan Pomeranz, Drew Bergman, Christian Winkler, Daniel Aquino, Jayson
Starter #5 Francis, Jeff Volstad, Chris Matzek, Tyler Alsup, Ben Butler, Eddie
Reliever #1 Rosenbaum, Danny Harris, Will Riordan, Cory Barraza, Alejandro Carasiti, Matthew
Reliever #2 Outman, Josh Scahill, Rob Marbry, Michael Padilla, Roberto Hughes, Benjamin
Reliever #3 Ottavino, Adam Sullivan, Josh Schnaitmann, Nick Parker, Geoff Arrowood, Ryan
Reliever #4 Lopez, Wilton Corpas, Manny Manship, Jeff Willoughby, Seth Hart, Brook
Reliever #5 Brothers, Rex Dodson, Stephen McClendon, Mike Mayo, Vianney Dennis, Chris
Reliever #6 Belisle, Matt Batista, Miguel Froneberger, Isaiah Rankin, William Oberg, Scott
Reliever #7 Betancourt, Rafael Williamson, Joey Jorgenson, Adam Hernandez, Jefri Stuart, Shawn
Catcher #1 Rosario, Wilin Yorvit Torrealba Tarleton, Dallas Casteel, Ryan Murphy, Tom
Catcher #2 Hernández, Ramón Davis, Lars Gonzalez, Jose Swanner, William Rodriguez, Wilfredo
1st Base Helton, Todd Wheeler, Ryan Paulsen, Ben Riggins, Harold Waldrip, Ben
2nd Base Rutledge, Josh Culberson, Charlie Tanos, Brett Featherston, Taylor Rivera, Jose
Short Stop Tulowitzki, Troy Manzella, Tommy Adames, Cristhian Story, Trevor Rosell Herrera
3rd Base Nelson, Chris LeMahieu, DJ Arenado, Nolan Langfels, Jayson Matt Wessinger
Left Field Gonzalez, Carlos Blackmon, Charlie Parker, Kyle Cleary Jr., Delta Francisco Sosa
Center Field Fowler, Dexter Wheeler, Tim Ortega, Rafael Massey, Tyler David Dahl
Right Field Cuddyer, Michael Matthes, Kent Dickerson, Corey Humphries, Brian Kyle Von Tungeln
Bench #1 Colvin, Tyler McBride, Matt Crousset, Juan Wong, Joey Ribera, Jordan
Bench #2 Young Jr, Eric Iribarren, Hernan Smalling, Timothy Mende, Samuel Hutcheson, Patrick
Bench #3 Pacheco, Jordan Wrigley, Henry Zuanich, Mike Kandilas, David Jeffrey Popick
Bench #4 Herrera, Jonathan Mitchell, Michael Nina, Angelys Simon, Jared

Julian Yan

I know there are a lot of things that will happen between now and April but I thought this was a good starting point. There are some good players that I could not find room for and this is a list of them. These players have all played full season before. Something i noticed is that Asheville and lower have a poor infield, whereas the outfield is pretty decent. Hoping rockies draft some infielders next year.

Starting pitchers Relief pitchers Catchers Infielders Outfielders
Gustafson, Tim Escalona, Edgmer Molina, Gustavo Wrigley, Henry Gailen, Blake
Schmidt, Nick Batista, Miguel Skelton, James Clark, Jared Williams Jr., Kenny
Gonzalez, Juan Berg, Justin Garneau, Dustin Mitchell, Russell
Gagnon, Tyler Kensing, Logan Massanari, Bryce Cesario, Jimmy
Slaats, Josh Solbach, Michael Beuerlein, Drew Roling, Kiel
Threets, Erick Schaeffer, Warren
Gibson, Trevor
McClendon, Mike
Bennigson, Craig
Rose, Chad
Yacko, Kurt
Gomez, Leuris
Kern, Bruce
Perez, Juan
Sitton, Kraig
Gonzalez, Nelson
Brewer, Russell

Rike, Brian

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