Monday LDS thread

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

A's vs. Tigers, Cardinals vs. Pirates, Red Sox vs. Rays, Braves vs. Dodgers. Discuss it all here.

Today's playoff menu features, Game 3 of A's / Tigers from Comerica Park in Detroit followed by three potential elimination games. Here's the matchups in a little more detail.

A's @ Tigers: 11:00 am (Mountain time) on MLB Network - Series tied 1-1

Parker (12-8, 3.97) vs. Sanchez (14-8, 2.57)

Despite striking out 29 times and scoring just one run in three runs in two games at home, the A's head to Comerica park tied in the series. Their task of scoring runs won't get any easier today though as they face the qualified American League leader in ERA Anibal Sanchez.

However, scoring has also been a problem for Detroit in this series. After putting a quick three on the board in the first inning of Game 1, the Tigers have now gone 17 straight innings without pushing a run across the plate. However, Buster Olney may be on to an even bigger problem for Detroit as far as their offense is concerned.

Cardinals @ Pirates: 1:00 pm (Mountain time) on TBS - Pirates lead the series 2-1

Wacha (4-1, 2.78) vs. Morton (7-4, 3.26)

This should be an exceptional atmosphere. Pittsburgh has an opportunity to clinch the series knowing that if they don't, Adam Wainwright will be waiting for them in St. Louis in Game 5. The Pirates are 8-3 in their ball park against the Cardinals this year but just 4-7 in St. Louis so this is the game they probably have to have. Expect both teams to play this like a Game 7.

Red Sox @ Rays: 4:00 pm (Mountain time) on TBS - Red Sox lead the series 2-0

Buchholz  (12-1, 1.74) vs. Cobb (11-3, 2.76)

The Rex Sox flexed their offensive muscle at Fenway during the first two games of this matchup pounding out 19 runs and 25 hits leaving the Rays in a deep 2-0 series hole. They're not dead yet though as five teams have emerged from the LDS victorious after facing this same 2-0 deficit; the 95 Mariners, the 99 Red Sox, the 01 Yankees (Gag me!), the 03 Red Sox, and the 12 Giants (Gag me again!)

Braves @ Dodgers: 7:30 pm (Mountain time) on TBS - Dodgers lead the series 2-1

Garcia (4-7, 4.37) vs. Nolasco (13-11, 3.70)

After winning 96 games this year and having the NL East all but mathematically clinched in July, the Braves entire season now rides on the arm of a man who was released by the Padres on March 24th, Designated For Assignment by the Orioles on June 24, and did not play a game with Atlanta in his career until until this September. Oh, and he'll be on the road facing a lineup that scored more runs yesterday than the Patriots, Lions, Panthers or Texans scored points. And to make matters worse, if the Braves do somehow find a way to get through that alive, they get Clayton Kershaw in Game 5.

Good luck Atlanta, you're gonna need it!


The Dodgers have decided to push the envelope and start Kershaw tonight in Game 4 tonight. This will make him unavailable in Game 1 of the NLCS if they advance tonight.

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