Sunday Rockpile: The Colorado Broncos?

Lisa Blumenfeld

It's Sunday. Come play a game.

And on the seventh day...we all needed a little rest.

This week in baseball has been one of the craziest in recent memory. The Rockies have been busy infuriating the internet, by trading a fan favorite for "what's his name" and "so-and-so", the backup catcher and relief pitcher roulette wheels have been spinning in full motion, and the Seattle Mariners stole Robinson Cano away from the big bad Yankees for the one-time down-payment of a private island and lordship over a small town in Washington.

I can't hardly keep my head on straight. I have so many conflicting thoughts about what's been happening in baseball and to my beloved Rockies that I think they've started a Fight Club in my head. And I just broke the first rule.

So for anyone who might be looking for a lazy Sunday, to sit and reflect (or not) and to remember how and why sports are supposed to be fun, I offer this silly game I've invented to engage our minds on something else before putting our armor on and heading back into the battlefield that is the hot-stove season.

Cross-sport City Team's

O.K. first things first, I'm gonna need help with that title. Here are the rules:

1.) Choose a city that you were born in, live in, and/or know the sports history of exceptionally well.

2.) Take every professional athlete in that city's history and put them into a "pool" of available players.

3.) From your available pool, create the best professional NBA, NFL, MLB, MLS, or NHL team you can think of.


5.) Assume your team will be playing a season with playoffs against other similarly built teams.

6.) Assume all players are in their prime.

Here is an example. This was my first run through so I'm sure I forgot some people. I will be posting more in the comments and hope you'll join me.

The Colorado Broncos:

QB: Todd Helton

RB: David Thompson, Ty Lawson, Eric Young Jr.

WR: Alex English, Dexter Fowler, Carlos Gonzales, Alexi Lalas, Danillo Gallinari

TE: Carmelo Anthony, Wilson Chandler

OL: Jason Giambi, Nolan Arenado, Patrick Roy, Dante Bichette, Marcus Camby

DE: Dikembe Motumbo, Javale McGee, Timofey Mozgov

DT: Kenyon Matin, Nene, Kenneth Faried

OLB: Joe Sakic, Peter Forsberg, Matt Holliday

MLB: Troy Tulowitzki

CB: Allen Iverson, J.R. Smith, Nate Robinson, Juan Pierre

S: Larry Walker, Marcelo Balboa

K/P: Kyle Beckerman, Conor Casey

Feel free to play with the formula and.or just mock me relentlessly.

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