Saturday Rockpile: And now, encouraging signs from Rox pitchers

Rich Pilling

Francis and Pomeranz efficient while De La Rosa showing command in last outing.

SCOTTSDALE, Arizona - Putting recent displays of command issues aside, the Colorado Rockies have been showing signs of efficient pitching.

No one is saying brilliant, or breakthrough. Efficient, which is what many of them look for during Spring Training, while trying to convert that efficiency into solid work during the regular season.

For example, Jeff Francis has a 0.00 ERA after nine frames of work, fanning five and allowing only six hits off 31 batters faced.

"So far so good," Francis said. "However, it's still Spring Training, so I still have a lof of things to work on. There's still fastball command, I need to get ahead of hitters, been able to use my off-speed stuff, be able to throw for strikes when I need to. If I get to execute those things well, I will be able to do great work throughout the season."

Drew Pomeranz also looked solid against Team USA in an exhibition game previous to the World Baseball Classic. He went for 2.2 IP allowing a run, three hits and two walks.

"It's only my third outing in Spring Training," Pomeranz said. "I'm happy that I feel well right now. It's all up in my head. It's a feeling I can't really describe. My delivery is coming out pretty well."

Friday night, in a rained-out game against the Royals, Jorge De La Rosa looked like he's starting to figure out his control issues. He threw for three innings, surrendering just one run and striking out two. He allowed no walks, a huge contrast from his previous appearance.

"I felt much better with my mechanics, more comfortable," De La Rosa told reporters. "Today I knew what I was doing on the mound."

This is very important, since De La Rosa has attributed his previous erratic displays as not being able to dominate his mechanics in full. He has assured this has nothing to do with mental issues or arm strength (they are all OK, according to him).


It's a bit hard for me to write these lines. A year ago, I approached Andrew Martin asking him if there was a space for me at Purple Row. He said yes, without a lot of thought. I appreciated his trust in my work, and also I have realized Purple Row is more than a blog about the Rockies. It's a great community, formed by a wonderful bunch of people, who became my friends along the way.

This is my final article for Purple Row and therefore, I have to thank all my friends: A-Mart, Jeff Aberle, Bryan Kilpatrick, Andrew Fisher, RoxGirl and many, many others. And I also thank Chris Mottram, Mike Prada, Grant Brisbee and Kurt Mensching. And each and every one of you who have read me, liked or destroyed my articles. They are here to be discussed and talked about.

Thank you for all the wonderful support and friendship. As of me, you will find me now in new places and I hope you join me. But I'll say this: Purple Row is the best place for discussion and debate on the Rockies.

And I wish you nothing but the best.

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