Game Wrap: Astros 6 Rockies 3

Doug Pensinger

Close game gets out of hand in ninth inning as manager Walt Weiss lets Scahill remove any chance of a Colorado comeback.

The Rockies had 10 base runners to the Astros 5 through 6 innings of tonight's game, yet the score was tied 2-2 when both starters left the game. Tyler Chatwood was dominant, striking out 10 while giving up 4 hits and walking just one. Erik Bedard on the other hand, allowed plenty of traffic, with 7 hits and 3 walks. The Rockies could not capitalize on multiple opportunities to score runs. For example:

1st inning: leadoff single; no runs

2nd inning: leadoff single; no runs

4th inning: home run, single; one run

Three times they had a base runner with no outs and they couldn't bring him around to score. This allowed Bedard to stay in the game through 6 and allowed the Astros to keep it close, tie it in the 6th, and take the lead in the 8th.

Until a forgettable 9th inning, the Rockies had out-hit the Astros yet they were losing 3-2. It has been said that close losses can often be blamed on the manager and in this one, I can see where Weiss needs to figure out how to maximize the results of the team and keep from having disappointing results like this. The final result wasn't close, but the game was. However, the Astros played better baseball, getting three of their runs on sacrifice hits, moving runners over/in, and not giving up extra outs on defense. Every time I start thinking this team has it figured out, they have a few games like this to make me realize how far they still have to go.

Record: 28-25

Games Back: 2.5


Source: FanGraphs

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