The Four Keys For a Rockies October

1. A Healthy Tulo


Obviously Troy Tulowitzki breaking his rib hurts the Rockies. But for the people that are saying "with the way the rest of our lineup is hitting, we'll be just fine without Tulo for a few weeks", I think your slightly mistaken. I still believe the Rockies can win games without him playing, but lets also look at what all Troy brings to the table when in the lineup. First is his well known hitting. Before getting injured Troy was having a monster year at the plate. He was on pace for 40 HR, 125 RBI's, and a .347 average. Yes, Rutledge is a nice fallback option, but lets be honest no one can replace those numbers. Don't forget Tulowitzki's fielding either. He is the definition of a great, consistent shortstop in the field. Two gold gloves quickly confirm his fielding talent, and as a shortstop he is the head of the infield meaning he has to communicate on any 50-50 balls. This takes us to the last hole he leaves us with. His leadership and drive. He will still be in the dugout encouraging people yet it's not the same with him not out there. Troy is the so called captain of the Rockies. He brings them together in the dugout when they need to, is a major encourager to everyone on the field, and when playing, shows his teammates what a flat out drive to win is like. The Rockies can still be a good team without Tulo, but when he's in the starting lineup, you just feel that much better about their chances.

2.Starters Efficiency


Starters efficiency could be taken many different ways. But what I mean by efficiency is going deeper into games. At the moment Chacin is leading the team with an average of a little under six innings per start. This is a terrible stat, for not one starter in their rotation is consistently getting to six innings. It's not like our starters have even been that bad though. They just need to learn to become a little more efficient. It doesn't matter if you let up three or four runs, for your going to get run production with the Rockies lineup behind you. The goal here though is to try to stretch those shorter starts into some six or seven inning starts. The main reason this is important is actually for your relievers. First off, if your team is pitching short start after short start, it's going to force many more innings on your relievers. At first you'll be fine and the Rockies' relievers has been pretty decent for the most part. But what happens is, for pitchers who are used to pitching a lower number of innings each year, their arm starts to ware down as the year progresses. Not only this but if you're forced to pitch relievers two or three times in a series because of low efficiency, it starts to let hitters key onto what your throwing and you become much less effective. All this comes back to starter efficiency. By having efficient starts, you can help your team a lot without knowing. Especially in the long run.

3. Get on Base Dex


The qualities you want in a leadoff man is someone who gets on base and has some speed. Center fielder Dexter Fowler matches that description perfectly. So many people don't realize how big it is when Dex can get on base especially to start an inning. When Fowler can get on, the main reason you should get excited is for who follows him. With a three, four, five order of Cargo, Tulo, and Cuddy, you're feeling pretty great about runs. But if you add Fowler on base, with that heart of the order, watch out! O yeah, and did you know Dex is a speed demon also? Currently on pace for 30 steals, Dexter gets around the bases pretty quickly. Since he is a steal threat every time he's on base, he becomes a disruption to pitchers as they have to watch him very closely. This causes the distracted pitcher not to focus as much on that heart of the order that all Rockies fans love. So you get the picture: if Dexter Fowler can get on, and with the Rockies sluggers coming up soon, it's pretty much a nightmare for all pitchers. By continuing to get on base as he has done, Fowler could easily score 115 runs and continue to majorly help them.

4.Continue Tough D


Yes I said it, defense. Defense is so much bigger than what it's given credit for. The amount of runs a good defense saves compared to a bad defense would amaze you. Believe it or not, defense could easily be looked at as one of the strongest parts of the Rockies this year. These upcoming players are the reasons why. Let's start with Tulo. Troy is a top fielding shortstop whose very consistent and gives his all on every play. Next is third baseman Nolan Arenado. Do I even have to explain him to you? His arm is crazy and it seems like he makes a sports center top play every other game. There's also speedy Dexter Fowler. With his range, few to no balls get by his wheels. We can't forget Carlos Gonzalez. Cargos an all around superb fielder. He makes diving catches frequently, and can gun guys out from the wall. Lastly is DJ LeMahieu. DJ has looked fantastic in the field of late. Showed off his vertical today in the ninth. Yes, there are weaker spots in the field for the Rockies, but when looking the whole field over, I'd say you've got an overall great bunch. For a postseason run, the Rockies defense needs to stay at a high level. For in a very quiet way, tough defense makes your pitchers and your team much better.

If these things can fall into place or be fulfilled then I'd definitely like my chances come October as a Colorado Rockies fan!

Eat. Drink. Be Merry. But the above FanPost does not necessarily reflect the attitudes, opinions, or views of Purple Row's staff (unless, of course, it's written by the staff [and even then, it still might not]).

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