Tuesday Rockpile: Rockies' trade market status in limbo at All-Star break


What are the Rockies going to do as the deadline approaches? The team's All-Stars don't know, and neither will we until the completion of the upcoming homestand.

Whatever the Colorado Rockies' intentions might be as the trade deadline approaches apparently hasn't been conveyed to the team's star players.

"I don't know if we'll be buyers, but I hope we're not sellers."

That's what Michael Cuddyer told CBS Sports' Danny Knobler prior to the All-Star outfielder's impressive performance during the Home Run Derby on Monday. If the Rockies do become sellers, would they dare part with the veteran who has become so much a part of the team's culture in a short period of time?

I doubt it, although, to stray away just a bit, selling high on Cuddyer, for the right price, could benefit the Rockies greatly in the future. Regardless, I'm inclined to agree with Cuddy and Troy Tulowitzki, both of whom are essentially sending their message to Colorado's management through Knobler that they don't want the team to sell at the deadline:

"No one gave us a chance this year, but we're sitting 4 1/2 out [in the NL West]," Troy Tulowitzki said. "We know we have a chance. The Rockies are always known for their runs in the second half."

The Rockies being known for the second-half runs is probably no longer a relevant statement, at this point; the team obviously put together strong stretches at the end of the 2007 and 2009 seasons, but ever since fading down the stretch in 2010, that's not an accurate description of the team. But, if Tulo thinks the team can make a run at the division title, it might be in management's best interest to pursue pieces that can help with the goal.

Yesterday, RIRF went over some of the potential offensive options. Personally, I'm with RIRF, in that the Rockies' offensive depth is just as much of a question mark as the pitching staff, so getting one of those players could suit the team well. However, as I've said before, the Rockies have too many holes to fill to get all desperate and start moving parts they probably shouldn't be moving in what is a "false contention" year.

We'll find out shortly after the deadline if the Rockies are planning to be buyers, sellers or neither, when the team is in the midst of a 10-game homestand against a bunch of bad teams. If Colorado takes care of business and finishes no worse than 7-3 to get itself back to .500 or better by the time it heads to Atlanta for the start of a somewhat-grueling road trip, we could see the club make a splash in the trade market.

That, for now, would likely please the All-Star Trio of Tulowitzki, Cuddyer and Carlos Gonzalez.



The Rockies acquired Armando Galarraga in an attempt to bolster their rotation depth (and probably bullpen depth, as well), sending Parker Frazier to the Reds in return. Charlie will have more on this shortly.

MLB Trade Rumors has a pretty long list of pitchers who are potential trade targets.

John Sickels breaks down the origins of the National League All-Star team.

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