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The American League lineup for the All-Star Game is ... wow.


I mean ... just look at these guys.

Joe Mauer in 2013 isn't the same as Joe Mauer in 2009. Joe Mauer would probably even tell you that. But what Joe Mauer is -- when he's healthy, at least, which he has been -- is a guy who will hit more than .300, post an on-base percentage of more than .400 and hit doubles. Lots of doubles.

Joe Mauer has a career batting line of .323/.405/.468, and he is the No. 8 hitter for the American League in the 2013 MLB All-Star Game. That, obviously, speaks to the strength of this dream lineup.

I mean ... just look at these guys.

Mike Trout .322 .399 .565 166 15 5.7
Robinson Cano .302 .386 .531 144 21 3.8
Miguel Cabrera .365 .458 .674 204 30 6.0
Chris Davis .315 .392 .717 193 37 5.1
Jose Bautista .254 .351 .493 129 20 3.0
David Ortiz .317 .402 .606 163 19 2.8
Adam Jones .296 .324 .501 122 19 2.5
Joe Mauer .320 .402 .473 142 8 3.9
J.J. Hardy .251 .293 .428 92 16 1.6

J.J. Hardy probably feels pretty weird being in this lineup.

The big caveat, of course, is that despite "THIS TIME IT COUNTS," this group of world-beaters won't play more than about four or five innings in the midsummer classic, giving way to players who are, in most cases, not nearly as good.

Maybe that's where the National League can strike, although the AL boasts a pretty good group of pitchers, headed by this guy, who will start the game and might go two innings if he's extremely lucky:

Max Scherzer 3.19 10.6 2.2 0.98 2.88 4.0

The AL has a pretty good chance of snapping its three-game All-Star losing streak, which immediately followed a 12-game streak by the junior circuit, excluding the 2002 debacle.

If those players listed above aren't a good enough reason to tune in, there's always some dudes named Troy Tulowitzki, Carlos Gonzalez and Michael Cuddyer playing on the other team that are worth a look!

Coverage of the 84th annual MLB All-Star Game begins at 6 p.m. MT on Fox.

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