Sleepy's All- Colorado Rockies Minor League Team.

This is not a prospects list but is like an all-american list based on results only. There may be some dissension on my list and that makes for good discussion.

With any all-minor league team, you have to start with the pitcher of the year and that will be Eddie Butler. All he did was play decent time in 3 levels and controlled the opposition at each level. He had a 1.66 ERA in 9 games at Asheville, 2.39 ERA in 13 games in Modesto, and 0.65 ERA in 6 games at Tulsa. At each level he had 8+ SO per 9 innings and his walk rate went down each time he moved up a level. Next of the Starting pitchers would have to be #1 draft pick Jonathon Gray who was successful in Grand Junction then skipped to Modesto pitched 5 games there with a 0.75 ERA and was shut down because he had nothing more to gain from facing A+ batters. The 3rd pitcher would easily be Daniel Winkler, who had a 10.5/9 strikeout ratio in Modesto before being promoted to Tulsa. After those three, the selection process becomes harder. After much debate with myself, I went with Tyler Anderson and Matt Flemer. McHugh, Gallagher, Bergman, Matzek, 4 Tri-City pitchers, and Burke were in the mix.

As far as relievers go we have to start with two incredible closers, Scott O'Berg skipped Asheville and had a 1.86 ERA with 33 saves and 14th round pick Dylan Stamey who had a 1.30 ERA and 7 saves in Grand Junction. Leuris Gomez would have to be here, he had a 1.50 ERA in Modesto before moving up and improved to a 1.28 ERA in Tulsa. Ryan Arrowood and Andrew Brown who would often have to stop the bleeding of the Asheville starters ERA and earn a spot here. Juan Gonzalez and his 2.14 ERA in Tulsa makes it. Rayan Gonzalez gets the last spot with his 2.68 ERA and his 12 saves in Asheville.

Catchers: Tom Murphy turned heads in Asheville and was promoted over the younger players an Modesto to Tulsa. He had a .975 OPS in hitter friendly Asheville and yet sustained a .831 OPS in the less offensive atmosphere in Tulsa. The backup and bench catcher on this team is Ryan Casteel whose power took time away from the struggling Will Swanner.

1st Base: I was looking for power here which gave me two choices. One is Harold Riggins, who tied Casteel for most HRs in Modesto. He end up being my bench power bat. The 1st Base starter is Kiel Roling, who was 4th in HRs in the Texas League.

2nd Base: Taylor Featherston and his 292/342/484 line was the best second baseman in the Organization.

3rd Base: Ryan Wheeler was good in Colorado Springs. His 306/351/463 line was nice but I have to go with 2nd round pick Ryan McMahon. His 330/406/578 line is awesome. I just decided that Ryan Wheeler gets my last bench bat.

SS Trevor Story started slow but brought up his numbers each month he played to a point that he gets a role on my bench. The SS that makes this team is Rosell Herrera. His 343/419/515 line is tops.

OF: To me OF is a strong position in the organization yet, it was a bit disappointing this year. Corey Dickerson had a great year but I decided he was more of a major leaguer now and therefore didn't qualify. So Kyle Parker and his 23 HRs and his 288/345/492 line gets him a spot. Francisco Sosa batting 315/397/529 in Asheville gets a spot on the bench. Raimel Tapia is leading the Pioneer League in AVG. and that alone gets him a spot. The surprise player is 10th round pick Micheal Tauchman who is hitting 297/388/377 in the less friendly Northwest League.

SP Butler/Gray/Winkler/Anderson/Flemer

RP O'Berg/Stamey/Leuris Gomez/Andrew Brown/Arrowood/Juan Gonzalez/Rayan Gonzalez

1st Roling, 2nd Featherston, 3rd McMahon, SS Herrera

OF Parker/Tapia/Tauchman

Catcher Murphy/Casteel

Bench Story/Riggins/Sosa/Wheeler

Eat. Drink. Be Merry. But the above FanPost does not necessarily reflect the attitudes, opinions, or views of Purple Row's staff (unless, of course, it's written by the staff [and even then, it still might not]).

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