A Brief Look at All Colorado Rockies Organization's Outfielders.

Colorado Rockies

Carlos Gonzales, 27 perennial all-star

Michael Cuddyer, 34 a right handed power bat in the last year of his contract. If Rockies are out of it a trade deadline, he has the type of situation that buyers are looking for in a trade. Entrenched as a starter at RF or 1st base.

Charlie Blackmon, 27 in a battle with Corey Dickerson to see who starts in LF or who ends up being the LH bench bat. Charlie is my pick but I wouldn’t be surprised at all if he isn’t the starter. He has 1 option year remaining.

Drew Stubbs, 29 the right handed platoon and 4th OF will see significant time at all 3 OF positions. Incredibly he has all 3 options remaining although at this point in his career, I don’t think it matters.

Corey Dickerson, 24 see Blackmon. 3 options remaining.

Colorado Springs Sky Sox

Kyle Parker, 24 is heir apparent to Cuddyer. If he is playing extremely well in Colorado Springs he may cause Cuddyer to be traded anyway. He would be first RF to be promoted in case of injury to Cuddyer or Justin Moreau. Has 3 options remaining.

Brandon Barnes, 27 viable OF depth. Has 3 options remaining. Injuries to Gonzales or Stubbs would be Barnes key to playing in the Bigs.

Kent Matthes, 27 Rockies decided the Organization needed more RH power bats and LH pitching. That benefitted Matthes. A lot has to go wrong for Matthes to see Coors Field.

Tim Wheeler, 25 How a broken hamate bone can sap so much power from a person is surprising. However, Wheeler is a good defender and a contact hitter and will see plenty of action.

Tulsa Drillers

These are all Kent Matthes types. AAA is probably their ceiling but at AA they are a decent group.

Brian Humphries, 23 Brian has been what you expect out of a 14th round draft pick, solid albeit unspectacular. He has decent contact but little power. His career 1.95 RF/G shows that his defense is able.

David Kandilas 23 Some on PR thought highly of Kandilas but in fallowing him he seems a bit streaky offensively. His 3rd year in Casper was promising but he has been unspectacular in full season play. Contact hitter with little power. He has a career 1.93 RF/G fielding. He spent half his time playing CF last year.

Jared Simon 24 He has the most power of this group. He hit 10 HRs in Modesto. Yet like the other OFs at this level has been solid but nothing special. He is the least defensively of the group playing RF and has a career 1.77 RF/G

Tyler Massey, 24 Chosen out of high school in 2008 and therefore has been part of the Organization a long time. He has about as much power as Simon but he is the best defender of this group. Hopefully his numbers in Australia don’t reflect on his 2014 production. Career 2.46 RF/G playing mostly CF.

Upper level depth

Delta Cleary, 24 Another High Schooler chosen in 2008. He doesn’t hit much but plays a decent CF.

Jaron Shepard, 25 He is a warm body.

Modesto Nuts

This is where things get confusing in projecting players because Modesto’s OF is similar to its pitching. There seems to be a vacuum of quality players at this level but very promising players lower in the Organization. So I’ll do my best but you can make the adjustments as you wish.

Francisco Sosa, 23 On the old side and has been in the Organization since 2007. But maybe he is just a late bloomer. He had a big power bat in 2013. Played mostly LF but a little bit in CF also with a 1.78 RF/G

Derek Jones, 23 Played some 1st but mostly RF. He was the benefit of the Dahl early season discipline as he started the season in EST until Dahl missed his flight. After that, Jones had a decent season and showed some power also. He lacks defensively so maybe he’ll end up as a 1st baseman.

Kyle Von Tungeln, 23 Started last season in Asheville was promoted to Modesto the demoted to Tri-City. Some will say that is the sign of Organization filler. I’m not convinced it’s true in this case. Von Tungeln is good at taking walks and it was obvious that his swing was off. I think the demotion was to redo his swing and we’ll see in ST what happens with that.

Michael Tauchman, 23 If someone can hit this well in Tri-City then they may be a candidate to skip Asheville. Modesto would be more age appropriate also.

Asheville Tourists

David Dahl, 19 Missed season in 2013. Yet, I think there was still development on his part. Especially in his upper body he looks more like a man than the boy he was in Grand Junction. I wouldn’t be surprised that once he gets his rhythm he’ll be promoted.

Dillon Thomas, 21 This might be a surprise but looking at his numbers as well as Max White’s it looks as though these players would do well in repeating Asheville. Thomas had a meager .651 OPS and a RF/G of 1.46. He would still be age appropriate at 21.

Max White, 20 See Dillon Thomas. Max’s OPS was an even worse .626 yet the speedy OF had a 2.31 RF/G in CF.

Jordan Patterson, 21 He may be in Modesto but at least he’ll be in Asheville. The 4th round pick showed some power and presence in GJ last year.


Raimel Tapia, 19 He’ll be in EST at least until somebody is injured or promoted. Even david Dahl started the year in EST. He was a hitting machine with a little power and was a pretty good defender in CF.

Julian Yan, 22 Started the year in Asheville but was demoted. So far he had one good year in GJ but has otherwise struggled.

Sean Dwyer, 22 Looks like he’ll be a future 1st baseman.

Morcos Derkes, 22 Had a pretty good year in the Dominican league in 2012 but struggled with injuries in 2014 so I still don’t know what to think of him.

Jose Monzon, 22 PTBNL from Houston. Maybe they can send him back.

Cole Norton, 22 Future Organization filler. Cole didn’t do bad for a 39th round pick.

Ryan Garvey, 20 Had a real good 2012 in GJ and a real poor 2013. I think he is still trying to get his head on straight. You know trying to figure out what he wants to be when he grows up. Has the ability.

Terry McClure, 18 One of the youngest players in professional baseball. Has time to grow.

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