Rockies spring training intrasquad game recap: Rox can't even beat themselves, finish in 4-4 tie


One unfortunate incident put a damper on what seemed like an otherwise exciting game, all things considered.

The Rockies' six-inning tune-up game against themselves on Thursday finished in a 4-4 tie. Here's what we know, thanks to Rockies beat writers Thomas Harding and Patrick Saunders, who did a wonderful job live-tweeting the game:

  • One of the teams was named "Boombat." It's unclear what the other team's moniker was.
  • Tom Murphy's nickname is apparently "Irish."
  • It sounds like Eddie Butler is experiencing sympathy sickness for Nick Masset's pregnant wife:

  • Kent Matthes, Kyle Parker and Matt McBride were among those who knocked in at least one run.
  • Jason Pridie and Jackson Williams were also in that category. The duo hit back-to-back home runs off of Raul Fernandez, whose spot on the 40-man roster was questioned by many. It will be interesting to see how he handles MLB-quality hitters this spring.
  • Butler and Jon Gray looked good, says Saunders and Harding. Butler worked around some traffic and allowed a run in two innings but stuck out a batter and picked off a runner. Gray loaded the bases with nobody out in his first inning but induced back-to-back grounders, one of which resulted in a double play, to escape. In his second frame, the Rockies' 2013 first-rounder struck out two while setting his teammates down in order.
  • Tyler Chatwood struggled in his return to the hill. His half of the first inning ended with one out because of a pitch count limit after surrendering a couple of runs. Chatwood was much better in the second inning, inducing three ground-outs in a 1-2-3 frame.
  • Jayson Aquino was involved in a scary moment when a liner off the bat Rafael Ynoa grazed the left side of his head. Aquino was removed from the game and taken to the hospital for a possible concussion test, according to Saunders.
A few nice photos of the action were posted on Twitter:

And, of course, some solid commenting in the GameThread from the Purple Row community:

"Why does God hate our pitchers?" -Junction Rox

"Can't even beat ourselves :l" -Sjamb

"Nothing I like seeing more when opening a new thread than Tyler Chatwood's gorgeous face" -PurpleToPurple

"Try thinking good things. It feels nice." -Drew Creasman

Now, on to tomorrow for some real exhibition baseball!

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