Tuesday Rockpile: Rockies hammered on eventful Opening Day

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

A few notable events took place during the Rockies' futile performance against the Marlins on Monday.

In case you missed it because you live on a deserted island and for some reason don't have the Internet other than Purple Row, the Rockies were drilled in their 2014 season debut by the Marlins, 10-1, on Monday.

The loss naturally spurred overreaction all over Rockies Twitter, ranging from "this team will be lucky to win 60 games!" to "the Monforts need to sell already!" I wouldn't go jumping off a ledge just yet; had the Rockies' staff allowed two runs, it would have been too many with Jose Fernandez on the mound.

Speaking of which, look at this nasty hook Fernandez dropped on Troy Tulowitzki (GIF). That was the start of a rough day for Tulo. The Rockies' star shortstop went 0-for-4 with a couple of punch-outs.

The biggest story from the game, aside from Fernandez's utter domination, was the communication breakdown and ensuing minor argument between Jorge De La Rosa and Wilin Rosario. I'll have more thoughts on this later.

Patrick Saunders of the Denver Post has blurbs on each of the Rockies' top 10 prospects.

Tyler Chatwood was scratched from his start on Wednesday and is a sure thing to hit the disabled list.

Now that the Opening Day debacle is past us, MLB.com's Thomas Harding looks forward to Brett Anderson's debut in purple pinstripes.

Around the league

Former Rockies manager and current Angels coach Don Baylor suffered a bizarre injury during the ceremonial first pitch of the Halos' Opening Day loss to the Mariners. Here's to a quick recovery.

Grant Brisbee has notes on a confusing graphic released by Facebook which attempts to convey the popularity of MLB teams by geographical region.

Ever wondered how much it costs to propose at an MLB ballpark? Michael Katz has you covered. (note: Coors Field is relatively cheap!)

There were some injuries on Opening Day, including one that landed Blue Jays shortstop Jose Reyes on the disabled list. Perhaps Tulo is only the second-most injury-prone SS in the game.

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