Sunday Rockpile: New acquisitions Jordan Lyles and Justin Morneau shine, Rox part of landmark instant replay decision

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

A couple of off season acquisitions play well for the Rockies, winning a game featuring a landmark instant replay decision that will likely be used as precedence in making similar calls in the future.

Owen Perkins at talks to Colorado Rockies manager Walt Weiss about his outfield platoon.

"I have a good feeling about who they are and what they bring. All those guys can help us win games. "I'll play the matchups -- that's got to be part of it when you've got this many outfielders. But when guys perform well and are swinging the bat well, they're going to get opportunities. Those guys are going to get opportunities at some point this year. They're going to get hot." -Walt Weiss

Perkins also has a break-down of what happened last night with the overturned call featuring Nolan Arenado sliding into home plate.

Patrick Saunders has an entertaining piece on the evolution of Charlie Blackmon and his beard.

It was a good night for the Rockies front office last nigh as Jordan Lyles and Justin Morneau (to key and controversal off season moves) powered the Rockies the win. The Denver Posts NIck Groke on the subject.

It has been almost a full week and a half or so since the last "Troy Tulowitzki could/should leave Colorado story" and now Mark KIszla at the Denver Post seems to have placed the cutoff at whether or not prospect pitchers Jon Gray and Eddie Butler work out. If not, you guessed it, time to ship Tulo to either the Cardinals or Yankees.

In case you missed it, Nathaniel Stoltz at Fangraphs did a profile of Rockies infield prospect Ryan McMahon. With his blazing hot start and his path at 3B blocked by Nolan Arenado, the rumblings are starting to emerge wondering if McMahon can be converted to 2B or 1B. Fow now, he seems pretty comfortable playing hitter.

Around the league:

Jeff Zimmerman at the Hardball Times has an interesting piece on unique ballpark features that affect the play on the field.Believe it or not, Coors Field isn't the only place that can alter/affect gameplay! Who knew?

Paul Swydan at Fangraphs suggests that the reported demise of the Arizona Diamondbacks may be pre-mature and that they have plenty of ways to re-load.

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