Monday Rockpile: Injury updates, replay needs an explanation.

Doug Pensinger

In today's Rockpile we link you to a couple of injury updates, a couple of examples where replay is failing, a nice piece on what Nolan Arenado is going to become, and more.

First things first. Carlos Gonzalez hopes to play Monday against the Giants but the knee injury he left Sunday's game with is going to have to be watched. Also in this link; the clock is ticking on Michael Cuddyer. If he's not ready to go soon, he may have to be moved to the disabled list.

As you may have already read in our Pebble Reports, Jhoulys Chacin continues to take steps towards the Rockies rotation. His last start was on Saturday for Modesto where he went 4.2 innings and gave up three runs on five hits, but the most important thing is that he felt strong and didn't experience any setbacks.

Richard Bergstrom over at Rockies Zingers has a very strong piece up about why the Rockies need to try and extend Nolan Arenado now.

MLB needs to tighten up its reply system so there's more consistency on the calls being reviewed. Yesterday was just the latest example of a hole in the system. Corey Dickerson was called out on this play where his foot came off second base for a fraction of a second (he should have slid into the bag to avoid any chance of this happening) which on the surface seems like the correct call. If MLB wants it called this way, I'm fine with it. However, what I'm not fine with is that fact that I've already seen several plays this season, including this one which went in favor of the Yankees, where a runner was ruled safe after a review where his foot came off the bag for a fraction of a second. So which is it MLB? Are were calling this play based on if the runner came off the bag for a frame or two on replay, or are we ruling them safe because this is not a box replay was intended to open? I'm just looking for a little consistency.

Just a day earlier, the Baseball Tonight crew was furious after a call at home plate went Colorado's way. MLB needs to crack down on both of these rules (and probably a couple of others as well) and issue a statement as to what is and is not the correct call. Right now the calls are inconsistent when they are being replayed and the managers are as confused as I've ever seen them.

The global post has  few notes on several of Colorado's hottest bats right now.

Matt Cain is a very significant and very difficult piece of the NL West puzzle to gauge right now. Beyond the Boxscore takes a closer look to see if he can still dominate with his fastball.

In what could be very, very bad news for the YankeesIvan Nova has a ligament tear in his elbow. This team has a very good front five in the rotation, but if they are forced to dip into their reserves for any sort of significant time period, the production here will drop off in a hurry.

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