PuRPs April Stats and a few comments.

April is only about 20% of the minor league season so these numbers are still a relatively small sample size. Also results are secondary to development so without knowing what or why a person is working on in his aspect of the game, we lose context. Yet these numbers are all we have along with the small amount of scouting reports. So these numbers are open to interpretation so feel free to disagree with what I wrote.

1. Jon Gray; Tulsa Stock; Steady

H 21 IP23.2 ERA 3.80 HB 2 BB 4 SO 25 WHIP 1.06

Jon started off the season with 2 difficult games but the last 3 he has given up 1 ER in 17 innings. That 1 run earned him a loss however.

2. Eddie Butler; Tulsa Stock; Steady

H 25 IP 31.1 ERA 2.87 HB 2 BB 7 SO 25 WHIP 1.02

We are getting what we thought we were getting from Eddie but I wouldn’t consider him knocking down the MLB door.

3. David Dahl; Asheville Stock; Steady

AB 93 R 13 H 26 2B 4 3B 1 HR 5 BB 5 SO 19 SB 6 CS 0 AVG 280 OPS 822

I won’t lie; I expected more from Dahl this year. Though, this line is nothing to be ashamed of. What keeps him ahead of McMahon at this point is that Dahl plays good defense at a premium position. His 5 HRs is second in the SAL to McMahon.

4. Rosell Herrera; Modesto, injured Stock; Falling

AB 72 R 6 H 19 2B 1 3B 0 HR 0 BB 2 SO 12 SB 2 CS 4 AVG .264 OPS .562

Rosy is currently on the 7 day DL. If the injury was the problem, I don’t know, but Rosell turned back into his 2012 self. He is still young and the season is young but not looking like a good year.

5. Kyle Parker; Colorado Springs Stock; Steady

AB 85 R 19 H 24 2B 7 3B 1 HR 3 BB 10 SO 23 SB 0 CS 0 AVG 282 OPS 855

This is Colorado Springs, so I’d like to see a little more power from Parker. But, not horrible.

6. Trevor Story; Modesto Stock; Rising

AB 97 R 22 H 35 2B 11 3B 3 HR 2 BB 17 SO 33 SB 16 CS 2 AVG .361 OPS 1.059

Story is killing the ball in his 2nd term in Modesto. What impresses me the most of what Trevor is doing is the fact that he has no protection in the lineup. The next best OPS on this team is .782. This is a real good situation for Story to hone his strike zone. Most pitchers, I would think, will not give him anything to hit. In his last 10 games Story has 8 BBs to 7 SOs so He is learning.

7. Ryan McMahon; Asheville Stock; Rising

AB 79 R 19 H 23 2B 5 3B 0 HR 9 BB 15 SO 26 SB 1 CS 0 AVG 291 OPS 1.092

McMahon leads the SAL in HRs with 9 the next guy is Dahl who hit his 5th Wednesday. In all of 2013 only 23 SAL players hit more than 9 HRs. The negative is 7 errors. It was discussed among evaluators when McMahon was drafted that he might be a RF but there is plenty of time to get that figured out for the teenager.

8. Chad Bettis; Graduated everyone moves up

Tom Murphy; Tulsa Stock; Wavering

AB 58 R 8 H 10 2B 0 3B 0 HR 3 BB 7 SO 20 SB 0 CS 0 AVG .172 OPS .600

Tom had a nice spring and hit in Tulsa last year and has dealt with injuries and that keeps him out of the falling category. Let him get healthy and then see what he does.

9. Tyler Anderson; Tulsa Stock; Ranging up

H 18 IP 25 ERA 2.16 HB 1 BB 7 SO 18 WHIP 1.00

Anderson is pitching well but his only allowed to pitch 5 innings per start. Why the Rockies are doing that, I don’t know but could indicate a future role in the bullpen.

10. Ryan Casteel; Tulsa Stock; Falling

AB 66 R 6 H 15 2B 3 3B 0 HR 2 BB 6 SO 17 SB 0 CS 0 AVG .227 OPS .651

Casteel had a break out year last year but is following it up with a dud in April. If he doesn’t get his stroke back, he could be a one year wonder.

11. Dan Winkler; Tulsa Stock; Up

H 13 IP 30 ERA 0.90 HB 2 BB 9 SO 33 WHIP 0.73

If any of Winkler’s mates in Tulsa had this line I’d be saying they were knocking down the MLB door. However I remember Edwar having almost no-hitters in Tulsa but being horrible in the MLB and just OK in AAA. For that reason my optimism is cautious but things are looking like we have a MLB pitcher here.

12. Christhian Adames; Tulsa Stock; Steady

AB 68 R 12 H 21 2B 3 3B 2 HR 1 BB 8 SO 11 SB 2 CS 2 AVG .309 OPS .845

Starting off slow, Adames has picked it up and now leads the Drillers in OPS.On this team Adames is doing his job as a contact hitter with speed. He needs to improve as a base stealer.

13. Tyler Matzek; Colorado Springs Stock; Up

H 16 IP 26.2 ERA 3.04 HB 0 BB 13 SO 31 WHIP 1.09

Tyler is pitching well. Is he ready for MLB? A 2.4 SO/BB ratio is nice.

14. Jason Aquino; Modesto-injured Stock; Steady

H 17 IP 15 ERA 6.00 HB 2 BB 4 SO 12 WHIP 1.40

Jason like all Modesto starters had a rough first game. However the next 2 games were pitched well, giving up 2 ER in 11 innings. Jason finds himself on the 7 day DL currently.

15. Raimel Tapia; Asheville Stock; Wavering

AB 86 R 11 H 21 2B 4 3B 0 HR 1 BB 6 SO 24 SB 6 CS 4 AVG 244 OPS 616

Tapia hasn't followed up his outstanding year at Grand Junction with much in April. He is still young so we'll give him the benefit of the doubt.

16. Sam Moll; injured Stock; Steady

17. Wilfredo Rodriguez; Asheville Stock; Rising

AB 45 R 4 H 18 2B 4 3B 0 HR 1 BB 7 SO 5 SB 1 CS 3 AVG 400 OPS 1.036

Wilfredo has a smaller sample size than others but he took advantage of Briceno’s injury to establish himself as one of the hitting leaders in the SAL. He has either the top or second best AVG in the SAL. He has shown himself to have a good idea of the strike zone as he has more walks than strikeouts.

18. Dom Nunez; Extended Stock; Steady

The good news here is that Nunez has been put back into his best position, Catcher.

19. Alex Balog; Asheville Stock; Steady

H 22 IP 24 ERA 3.38 HB 1 BB 8 SO 15 WHIP 1.25

Balog seems to be getting better in each game he pitches. So he is someone to keep an eye on.

20. Pat Valaika; Asheville Stock; Rising

AB 71 R 13 H 27 2B 7 3B 0 HR 3 BB 3 SO 18 SB 2 CS 1 AVG .380 OPS 1.008

Tell me if you heard this before; "One of the best hitter in the SAL" Well what can I say, the shoe fits many Tourists and Valaika is one of them. For a SS to hit so well is a plus. Valaika could use to lower his strikeouts.

21. Taylor Featherston; Tulsa Stock; Steady

AB 97 R 15 H 31 2B 7 3B 0 HR 1 BB 12 SO 16 SB 3 CS 3 AVG 320 OPS 823

This is who Featherston is. All these numbers are consistent with the 2nd baseman’s career numbers.

22. Jordan Patterson; Asheville Stock; Falling

AB 82 R 11 H 18 2B 3 3B 0 HR 1 BB 10 SO 28 SB 0 CS 1 AVG 220 OPS 619

Of all the excitement for the Asheville team, Patterson has been the biggest disappointment.

23. Will Swanner; Modesto Stock; Wavering

AB 93 R 13 H 27 2B 3 3B 3 HR 1 BB 10 SO 25 SB 5 CS 1 AVG .290 OPS .779

Swanner isn’t doing anything to hurt himself yet, he isn’t helping himself either. In a second season at level, one might expect more.

24. Max White; Asheville Stock; Falling

AB 66 R 13 H 14 2B 4 3B 1 HR 0 BB 7 SO 29 SB 4 CS 1 AVG 212 OPS 600

See Jordan Patterson.

25. Christian Bergman; Colorado Springs Stock; Steady

H 33 IP 28.1 ERA 6.35 HB 0 BB 5 SO 18 WHIP 1.34

Bergman has pitched really well in some games and really bad in others. Is he a MLB pitcher? I doubt it but he is good in his role.

26. Tim Wheeler; Colorado Springs Stock; Rising

AB 94 R 13 H 27 2B 8 3B 2 HR 4 BB 4 SO 21 SB 1 CS 3 AVG 287 OPS 879

Tim fell because he lost his power the last couple years but it seem like the power is coming back so then Wheeler should be rising.

27. Terry McClure; Extended Stock; Steady

28. Antonio Senzatela; Asheville Stock; Steady

H 29 IP 24 ERA 6.38 HB 2 BB 9 SO 8 WHIP 1.58

The good thing about Senzatela is the fact that he is one of the youngest pitchers in the SAL

29. Ryan Warner; Extended Stock; Steady

30. Jose Briceno; Asheville Stock; Steady

AB 49 R 2 H 14 2B 4 3B 0 HR 0 BB 1 SO 9 SB 3 CS 0 AVG 286 OPS 707

Injury slowed him down, otherwise he is doing OK.

Other prospects to keep an eye on.


Richard Castillo. Castillo has held his own on the amazing Tulsa pitching staff. Just 2 months older than Anderson, it’s not like he is overly old for the level. Maybe he can turn into a nice bullpen piece.

Ryan Arrowood. A lot of these guys on the sub top 30 is relievers. Arrowood is the youngest pitcher in Tulsa sans Gray and Butler. He spent about 3 weeks in Modesto last August. Had a couple of rough outings adjusting to the higher level. Usually pitches 2 to 3 innings and has pitches the most innings besides the starters.

Kraig Sitton. I thought the Rockies made a bad move putting Sitton on the 40 man roster but Sitton has a 0.75 ERA and only given up 1 earned run in 10 appearances covering 12 innings.

Harold Riggins. Riggins has hit 800+ at all levels of his development including this month of April and is a right handed power hitter. He has been equal to or better than Casteel at each level. I don’t know if he is a prospect or not but if you include Casteel in your considerations then you need to consider Riggins.

Scott Oberg. Scott had a bad game in San Antonio where he gave up 3 runs in a loss but the other 9 games have been great with 5 saves.


Alving Mejias. Mejias has been a bright light in the chasm known as Modesto. As a reliever he has thrown only .1 innings less than starter Gibbard. He has a 2.29 ERA and a 1.07 WHIP. He has 21 strikes to 3 walks.


Mike Benjamin. The 2nd baseman is putting up numbers that I expected out of Patterson. 3rd in SAL in AVG and 6th in OPS. (This was Wednesday morning) AVG 358 OPS 948

Johendi Jiminian By far the best pitcher in Asheville. 1.27 ERA in 28.1 innings with a 1.02 WHIP

Dylan Stamey. Stamey has converted 6 of 7 save opportunities and got the win in the BS game. 3.00 ERA and 1.22 WHIP.

Eat. Drink. Be Merry. But the above FanPost does not necessarily reflect the attitudes, opinions, or views of Purple Row's staff (unless, of course, it's written by the staff [and even then, it still might not]).

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