Game Preview: a very depleted lineup will try to nail down the series win against Philly

Rich Schultz

We know Tulo isn't a 162 game player. He's a big guy who plays a demanding position, and sometimes you have to take time off in order to take care of your body. But it still sucks to see both him and Cargo riding the pine in the same game.

Jordan Lyles will take the hill, and he better have his A game with the Rockies' super-stars not playing. Lyles is coming off a solid start in Atlanta that nonetheless resulted in a Braves victory. If he can hold down the Phillies and the Rockies somehow prevail, they will even the road trip to 3 and 3, a very acceptable outcome.

Tulo's and Cargo's absence leads to all sorts of lineup wackiness. Justin Morneau slides up to 3, Cuddyer will hit cleanup, Dickerson is protecting him, and Rutledge is in at the 7-spot. It's a testament to the Rockies' depth that even without Cargowitzki (or Nolan), there are still at least five or six solid weapons in that lineup. Any of Blackmon, Cuddyer, Morneau, Rosario, Dickerson, or even Rutledge can throw out a big day. So while this isn't ideal, it's not a lost cause either.

(Just incidentally, simply as a curiosity, this has to be the most Caucasian starting lineup I've ever seen the Rockies roll out there. Wilin Rosario is the only non-white player taking the field. I wonder when the last time a team fielded an all-white lineup. Baseball has done a pretty good job of bringing Latin/Japanese/African American talent to the big leagues)

Opposing Colorado is Roberto Hernandez, who is having a solid enough year for the Phightin's. His 3.80 ERA won't turn heads but he keeps his team in ball games. The sinkerballer has never had a ground ball percentage below 50. Unsurprisingly, the Rockies inserted their lefty outfielders to get the platoon advantage.

The Rockies are starting this game behind the 8 ball, so perhaps they will feel like they are playing with house money. It's hard to expect a win when your two best players (at least historically, in Cargo's case) are out. A win here would still be huge, both in salvaging this road trip and righting a ship that has looked increasingly battered. Go Rockies

Today's Lineups

C. Blackmon - CFBen Revere - CF
DJ LeMahieu - 2BJimmy Rollins - SS
Justin Morneau - 1BChase Utley - 2B
Michael Cuddyer - RFRyan Howard - 1B
Corey Dickerson - LFMarlon Byrd - RF
Wilin Rosario - CDomonic Brown - LF
Josh Rutledge - SSCarlos Ruiz - C
C. Culberson - 3BCesar Hernandez - 3B
Jordan Lyles - RHPR. Hernandez - RHP

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