Tulo's Top 10 Moments as a Rockie

Denis Poroy

In case you all can’t tell by my username, I’m a huge Tulo fan. He’s unmatched as a player, and I figure there’s no better time to celebrate him than after his 1,000th (and 1,001st) hit while he’s hitting .400/.500/.730 and leading MLB in WAR. So, I put together my top 10 favorite Tulo moments, enjoy!

Dishonorable Mention:

Tulo gets plunked by Ubaldo (4/1/12)

Tulowitzki hit by Ubaldo: Spring Training (via SuperRockiesBaseball)

Tulo really did nothing wrong here, but it did create a great mill-about, and soured my image of one of the best Rockie pitchers ever. Not a fond moment to recall.

Tulo shatters his own bat, injuring himself (7/5/08)

This was the lowest of the low for Tulo, I almost didn’t even put it on here, but I thought it would be a nice reminder of how far he has come.

Top 10:

10. The Tulo Chant.

Troy Tulowitzki Chant (via CPAR15)

Horrible video, I know, but the Tulo chant for me is one of his most enduring images. No other player for the Rockies has his own call: not Todd, not Cargo, not Larry. Plus, there's something about the way that final "Tu-Lo" echoes around the stadium that just amps me up like no other chant in sports.

9. Tulo gets 1,000th hit as part of 3-4 night

Hey, this was last night! No way! This moment in an of itself wasn't THAT memorable, but it was a significant milestone, and was a moment I could choose to honor his 2014 season so far. Did I mention he's leading the league in WAR yet?

8. Tulo hits grand slam (9/29/07)

This, to me, was a coming out moment for Tulo. In the fall of '07 I watched everything the Rockies ever did, and even convinced my math teachers to let me stream games during class. It was his first career grand slam, and I partially remember it because my dad grumbled about him being un-clutch (as it did come in a blowout game), but it was memorable, nonetheless.

7. Tulo hits walk-off double (9/25/10)

2010/09/25 Tulowitzki's walk-off double (via MLBglobal)

Right as the Rockies were pushing for the playoffs, Tulo wins the game against a division rival. I barely remember the game itself, but I most definitely remember watching Tulo celebrate on the basepaths. It's rare to see your favorite athletes showing that much emotion, so when it happens (ala Helton in '07 or Spilly in the 14th) I cherish it.

6. Tulo makes leaping throw against the Dodgers (Sept. 2007)

Troy Tulowitzki great play 2007 (via mrstulo2)

I think Todd and DOD said it all in that video, but I'll comment briefly here. Immortalized forever in 21 Days (as you can see via the sideways video posted above), this throw is the signature "Tulo Play" as I call it. It's the play where he ranges behind the third baseman, makes a leaping throw, and barely nails the runner. It's a play few, if any, other shortstops can make. *Insert Kiszla joke about Tulo to 3B here*

5. Tulo hits a double in the top of the 13th against San Diego (10/1/07)

I tried like crazy to find the video of this to post, but all I have is the game on itunes.Either way, most Rockies fans have this one etched in their memory already. All hope seemed lost in the 13th inning, but after Kaz's double, I was thinking that maybe we had a shot. After Tulo's? I was thinking we were winning all the way. I know many here think Tulo is un-clutch, or chokes in the biggest of situations, but in his biggest career at-bat, he came through, and I'll always remember him for it.

4. Tulo signed six-year extension (11/29/10)

Maybe it wasn't the greatest moment of his, (although I did actually watch the press conference) but it may well be his most lasting legacy. In this era, every new Denver sports star was fleeing. Whether it's Cutler, Melo, Marshall, Holliday etc., all the biggest names in Denver were getting out of town as fast as they could. That's why as a diehard 13-year old fan, it was so incredible that Tulo wanted to stay here for his career, especially throwing Cargo on top of that. No matter how these extra six years turn out, I'll always appreciate him signing up for them.

3. Tulo turns an unassisted Triple-play against the Braves (4/29/07)

Tulo's triple play (via MLB)

I was at this game, so I may be biased towards it, but it was pretty rare. Plus, it was against Larry "Chipper" Jones! Who here doesn't love watching his face in that video?

2. Tulo hits for the cycle against the Cubs (8/10/09)

Tulo has so many incredible offensive games, but this one sticks out because of the Cycle. Plus, it's the Cubs, and Cargo hit for the cycle against them too. Also, I definitely remember him totally being dead at third base until they missed the throw. I don't really know why...

1. Tulo hits 14 homeruns in 15 days (9/3-18/10)

Calling this one moment is kind of cheating I guess, but it's the definitive Tulo hot-streak. I've never seen anyone that hot before or since. It was incredible, like playing MLB 2K on easy mode. This, to me, is the number one Tulo moment, but it's up for debate. What's yours (vote in the poll below)?

In case you haven't had enough Tulo yet, here are a few things you may not have known about Tulo that are worth knowing:

He is one of only two players in MLB history with both an unassisted triple play and a cycle.

He has won 2 gold gloves, 2 silver sluggers, and appeared in 3 all-star games.

He played with Evan Longoria in college at Long Beach State (Curse you Greg Reynolds!)

He once wrote he wanted to be a pro-athlete when he grew up on elementary school paper, was given a C for being unrealistic.

He wasn't drafted out of high school

He has the 7th highest career wOBA of any SS in history and the 3rd highest ISO (behind A-Rod and Ernie Banks).

Eat. Drink. Be Merry. But the above FanPost does not necessarily reflect the attitudes, opinions, or views of Purple Row's staff (unless, of course, it's written by the staff [and even then, it still might not]).

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