Friday Rockpile: Christian Friedrich to be 11th starter for Rockies in 2014

Denis Poroy

Good news for the struggling pitcher, but good lord this has been a tough year.

Rockies likely to recall Friedrich for rotation hole -

Juan Nicasio picked a really bad time to turn into a pumpkin. Friedrich will become the eleventh Rockie to start a baseball game, and we aren't even done with June. We haven't seen Friedrich in a Rockies uniform since July of 2012, as injury and ineffectiveness have kept him confined to Triple-A. His 7.89 ERA down there doesn't exactly inspire confidence, but there is literally no one else to throw out there. Jon Gray isn't ready, Pedro Hernandez isn't on the 40 man roster, and Jamie Moyer is busy announcing for the Phillies. So welcome back Christian. Best of luck.

For Bryan Kilpatrick's take and a space to discuss, see here.

Barnes not afraid to get dirty in pursuit of dreams -

Really nice profile of Brandon Barnes here by Thomas Harding. Between Brandon Barnes and Chris Martin, the Rockies have a couple of really cool stories of perseverance to achieve their dreams. I've definitely been impressed with Barnes' hustle and passion, and as a fan of inside the park home runs, he's been great. Also, Brandon, if you're reading, I have an idea for your next tattoo.

Rockies struggling to keep starting pitchers healthy - Denver Post

You can pick up on Patrick Saunders' frustration and incredulity with the magnitude of injuries the Rockies pitching staff has suffered. I mean, one and done for Eddie Butler? Three lousy starts from Brett Anderson? Hell, I was even excited about Winkler, until the Tommy John gremlins latched onto his elbow. On the bright side, everyone (except Winkler) will be ready to return by the All Star break, barring setbacks. But the Rockies' season is already on the brink; will it be too late?

Know Your Foe: Milwaukee Brewers - Jay Tymkovich

Shameless self plug.

Stories from around the league

The Essence of Velocity - Jason Turbow

This is a really, really awesome long form piece about a new pitching philosophy that is starting to gain traction. It's called effective velocity, the idea that pitches can vary in how fast hitters perceive them based on where they cross the strike zone. Trevor Bauer is the most high profile devotee of the method, and his adherence to it is what got him shipped out of Arizona. Now that he has some leeway in Cleveland, he is starting to show what it's all about. If you need some lunch time reading, I highly recommend it.

Clayton Kershaw and public enemy 1.5 - Jeff Sullivan

Do you want graphs, gifs, tables, and 2,000 words about how helpless the Rockies were against Clayton Kershaw two days ago? Or would you rather look at a picture of puppies? Your call.

Gavin Floyd headed to DL with broken arm -

The Braves have had some pretty bad luck with their starting pitchers too. Bummer for Floyd, whom I've always liked.

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