Friday Rockpile: Everything kind of stinks right now

Justin Edmonds

Ownership issues, Morneau gets snubbed, and everyone wants our good players since they aren't doing anything here.

Rockies owner Dick Monfort reaches out to fan after controversial email - Denver Post

There's nothing extra needed to say here after Jeff Aberle's definitive breakdown of the situation. Whatever, no big deal; this is the life of a Rockies fan.


Rockies Owner: maybe Denver doesn't deserve a franchise - CBS Denver

It seems the recent Dick Monfort emails were manifold. You have to respect the man; how many other owners respond to each and every correspondence personally? This was his response to a fan complaining about the Rockies' lackluster product on the field:

"By the way you talk maybe Denver doesn’t deserve a franchise, maybe time for it to find a new home. Thanks."

It's almost hard to believe. These came literally a day after an interview with the Denver Post. Let's not call it a meltdown, but, well...what is this?

Justin Morneau left off All Star team; Anthony Rizzo in after final vote - Denver Post

So despite the fact that your Twitter feed was completely swamped all day, #voteMorneau didn't work out. Anthony Rizzo got the final nod, and the Rockies new first baseman got left off the team. It's a shame, but Rizzo is pretty deserving. Minutes after Morneau's snub Troy Tulowitzki let it be known that Justin would be on the NL Home Run Derby team, so he'll get to Minnesota anyway. It's a good move by Tulo, and hopefully he clubs a few dingers at Target Field.

Jorge De La Rosa and the Rockies talent evaluation problem - Fangraphs

Dave Cameron argues that the Rockies are vastly overrating Jorge De La Rosa; that he's a mediocre starter and that our refusal to trade him is an indicator that the front office can't differentiate between key building blocks and expendable trade pieces. I'm not sure I agree with the assessment; DLR probably won't fetch a good prospect considering his contract and 2014 performance, and I don't think his decline is starting just yet, considering the fact that his velocity is just as good now as it has ever been. But maybe I'm just scared of getting rid of the one, single pitcher who seems to have any idea what he's doing right now.

The Orioles should trade for Troy Tulowitzki - Beyond the Box Score

Do you want more rumors about the Rockies best player ever getting dealt away like a used car? Well you're in luck! Anyway, the talk is never gonna go away as long as the Rockies are a disaster, so you might as well get an idea what his value is going to be like. Gausman and Bundy? I could almost get convinced that would be worth it...

Let's see, any good news...any at all? No? Oh well. Go Rockies.

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