Counting Rocks

CHONE vs. The Rockies: The final installment


In our final installment, we round out the rotation as described by Sean Smith's CHONE projections.

CHONE vs. the Colorado Rockies Rotation


CHONE projections seem to have a lot of the Rockies' pitching rotation taking a step back. This week's Counting Rocks discusses these numbers and why they seem to be out of line or right on target.

RMN vs CHONE: The OF, the Bench


Continuing the exploration of the CHONE projections of the Rockies' 2010, Counting Rocks moves on to the OF and bench.

CHONE’s 2010 Rockies vs RMN’s 2010 Rockies


Projections can be the basis of analysis of expectations for the 2010 season. Where does CHONE stack up against the Colorado Rockies?

Troy Tulowitzki: The Change Part 2


Troy Tulowitzki has evolved from the absurd fielder and young hothead to a team leader and cleanup hitter and a top SS in the National League. How exactly did this unfold in 2009?

Troy Tulowitzki: The Change


Troy Tulowitzki really broke back onto the scene in 2009, but this year not because of his fielding, but his big bat. Does his reputation as an elite fielder still hold true?

Beating the …Unicorn?: Seth Smith and the Outfield Conundrum


Seth Smith vs Brad Hawpe - who should start? The pinch hitting wonder, or the All Star with a Bat of Gold and a Glove of Wood?

Platoons and You: The Rockies v LHP


The Rockies were criticized in 2009 for being seemingly unable to hit lefthanders. Was it really as bad as they say? Counting Rocks explores the issue.

Aaron Cook and Jeff Francis: My 2010 Expectation


With a hole in the rotation left by a departing Jason Marquis, how much harder will Jeff Francis and Aaron Cook have to work to keep the pitching staff at the high level that 2009 established?

Exploring the seasons of the All-Time Rockies: Wins


Pitching wins, the all-time standby for a pitcher's worth. Who tops the list for Colorado?

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