Know Your Foe

Know Your Foe #whatever - Diamondbacks! Everybody Loves the Diamondbacks!

The Diamondbacks, barring a ridiculous last 2 weeks of baseball, are done for in the 2012 campaign. And now they get to come to Colorado. Good for them!

San Francisco Giants Knocking On Postseason Door, Probably Won't Let Colorado Rockies Get In Way

The San Francisco Giants used a series victory over the Colorado Rockies last week, as well as two wins over the Arizona Diamondbacks over the weekend, to increase their lead in the National League...

Know Your Foe #46: Padres Something Something Dear God Isn't 2012 Over Yet?

The Padres have a guy named Chase Headley who is good at baseball.

Giants In Denver Again To Face Rockies; Few People Care. More At 11.

The Giants are in Denver for the final time this season (thank God), as they get set to face the Rockies in a three-game series.

Chipper Jones, Atlanta Braves Continue Playoff Chase Vs. Colorado Rockies

The Atlanta Braves, behind a solid pitching staff and good young (and a little bit of old) talent, are dangerously close to "America's Team" territory again. Bummer.

Know Your Foe #42: Battle For the Basement Continues Against Padres

The Rockies and Padres have both been playing similarly improved baseball as of late. The difference is that the Padres have been doing it for 2 months now. Can the Rockies take a series from the 4th place Padres?

Los Angeles Dodgers Travel To Denver To Play First Full Series Since Trading James Loney For Nick Punto

The Rockies finally have been freed from the abuse that James Loney has been dishing out to them for six years. Unfortunately, now they have to deal with Nick Punto and a cast of other characters that just arrived in L.A. from Boston.

Rockies Vs. Cubs: Battle Of Bad Teams Trending In Opposite Directions Commences At Wrigley Field This Weekend

The Cubs and Rockies have both been among baseball's worst teams in 2012. However, the two teams are trending in opposite directions during the month of August, with the Rockies winning 9 out of 11 and the Cubs losing 17 out of 21.

David Wright, Struggling New York Mets Welcome Colorado Rockies To The Big Apple

Steve Schreiber from Amazin' Avenue answers some of our questions about the Mets as the Rockies start a four-game series at Citi Field on Monday.

Know Your Foe #38: Disappointments Square Off Again in Coors Field

The Miami Marlins have disappointed a lot of fans in their first season in the new stadium. What happened?

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