Counting Rocks

FIP and the Colorado Rockies


Fielding Independent Pitching is a key stat for most organizations when evaluating pitchers; but does it apply at altitude?

Blackmon shows how numbers have changed


How we look at baseball stats has changed drastically over the years, and Charlie Blackmon is the poster boy for why.

The first step towards pitching at altitude


Do the Colorado Rockies know how altitude is truly affecting their pitchers? The organization says yes, but the stats say no.

Learning from Tyler Matzek's up and down start


The big lefty has been as inconsistent as advertised, but what do we really know about Tyler Matzek from just six games?

How can Christian Bergman be more effective?


How can Christina Bergman better utilize his repertoire against a major league roster?

Maybe Morneau isn't going to turn into a pumpkin


The Rockies dropped a pretty penny for a stopgap at first base. But now two and a half months in, could Morneau's numbers be for real?

Corey Dickerson's long term offensive viability


Corey Dickerson always comes to the park ready to hit. But is his skill set enough to make him an everyday starter.

Pitch selection and the riddle of Juan Nicasio


Juan Nicasio has always held intrigue for the Rockies. But now in his fourth season, is the big right-hander any closer to fulfilling his potential?

Rockies' lineup issues


First in many catgories, the Rockies' offense still does not meet expected run totals.

How to evaluate Tulsa's pitching staff


Advanced stats on minor league players are often hard to come by. But how can we use what's readily available to frame the conversation about the Tulsa Drillers' excellent starting pitching?


May 2013 Rockies xBABIP and associated thoughts.

So now that the calendar has turned over to May, I though it might be a good time to post the current xBABIP calculations for the Rockies as well as their related adjusted stats

Is lineup protection a myth?


The Rockies are 178-154 when Cargo and Tulo are in the starting lineup but is that evidence that lineup protection exists or is it a simple obvious statement that more star player equals more wins?...

Walking on the road to victory


Aggressive hitting is fine at home but a more patient approach on the road will be a key for the offense to rebound on the road in 2013.

Is lineup protection a myth?


Many of baseballs best minds say no, but could it be that the evidence for protection in the lineup merely lies deeper within the stats?

Friends in low places?


The Rockies believe working low in the strike zone will improve their fortunes. At least one bit of evidence from last year, however, suggests otherwise.

Tuesday Rockpile: PECOTA Not Bullish on 2013 Rox


The first aspects of Baseball Prospectus' PECOTA forecasts came out yesterday. One would not expect them to be optimistic regarding the Rockies, but it may be worse than you thought.

First-Pitch Strikes for a Last-Place Team


Rockies starters trailed the league in first-pitch strikes last year. Will that change, and should it change, in 2013?

Friedrich, FIP, and Future Improvements


Christian Friedrich has turned in a few very good starts for the Rockies this season. Is Friedrich for real, or is it just luck?

Counting Rocks: A Trade That Wasn't


He's not "the answer" but Dan Uggla should make Rockies fans even more appreciative of the Mark Ellis acquisition.

Counting Rocks: Looking Back At Rockies' First Rounders (and Supplementers)


Looking back at Rockies' late first rounders and supplemental picks. What kind of value did they get?

Counting Rocks: Banana Splits


What's gone wrong with the Rockies this month? Looking at monthly batter splits shows there's a lot off, but not everything is a disaster.

Counting Rocks: Don't Let The Handlebar Fool You


Chris Iannetta, the Russell Branyan of catchers? Stay healthy, and that wouldn't be bad.

Out Of The Blue Clear Sky: SIERA


SIERA: more than just another advanced pitching metric with a long formula? It's worth finding out.

Get Involved: ERA, FIP and xFIP


Once more unto the breach: ERA/FIP/xFIP, you, Ubaldo, and the Rockies.

One Way to Dissect a Scenario You Hope Will Never Happen


If Colorado Rockies closer Huston Street goes down with an injury, Matt Belisle, Rafael Betancourt and Matt Lindstrom would fill in.

The Demise of Chris Iannetta


Chris Iannetta, a solid catcher in terms of OPS/wOBA, has found himself benched yet again as the Rockies make a playoff push. What is there left to do with the man?

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