Counting Rocks

Does a demotion to the bullpen spell the end for Aaron Cook? Kameron Loe doesn’t think so.


Aaron Cook's ineffectiveness in 2010 has been a contributing factor to the disappointing results we've seen the first 4 months of the season. Would Cook being demoted to the pen spell the end for him?

Counting Rocks: When it counts


The Colorado Rockies are clearly in a skid. What's the problem, and who's been helping in ways we wouldn't expect?

Ian Stewart’s progression to Starting 3B


Ian Stewart has finally gotten a hold of the starting 3B in Colorado. What improvements has he made to keep it?

The Interchangeable Outfield: Seth Smith and Ryan Spilborghs


With Dexter Fowler and Carlos Gonzalez settling into their outfield spots, Ryan Spilborghs and Seth Smith are finding their complementary skillsets lumping them into some sort of platoon. Counting...

Why are we overworking Ubaldo?


Ubaldo Jimenez has been otherworldly good in the 2010 season. But given his workloads, how long can he keep this up? Maybe it's time for the management to shorten the leash a little.

Welcome back Kaz! And other notes from around Coors


Kaz Matsui is back with the Colorado Rockies. Is this a big deal? Well, to Clint Barmes, it may be.

BABIP and You: A Refresher


Looking at a reliever's ERA can be deceptive when trying to gauge their overall performance. BABIP and peripherals can fill in the gaps behind the on-the-surface numbers and give us a clearer...

Ok, so he’s good, but how good? The PLUS metrics


When looking at advanced statistical metrics, one has to take raw numbers with a grain of salt. The "+" metrics help us to take account of the time when a player played and the park he played in.

CHONE vs. The Rockies: The final installment


In our final installment, we round out the rotation as described by Sean Smith's CHONE projections.

CHONE vs. the Colorado Rockies Rotation


CHONE projections seem to have a lot of the Rockies' pitching rotation taking a step back. This week's Counting Rocks discusses these numbers and why they seem to be out of line or right on target.

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