Counting Rocks

Quick thoughts on a Tuesday: Cargo vs Holliday

Matt Holliday's departure shook the Denver community and their faith in the Rockies. 1 trade deadline later, who has come out ahead?

The Jose Contreras Acquisition: Why this trade is better than it looks

The Rockies just moved a near-MLB-ready pitcher for veteran Jose Contreras. Good move? Counting Rockies thinks so.

Statistical Metrics II – Pitching

Continuing from last week's Counting Rocks, we refresh our readership on the pitching metrics that we throw around Purple Row.

Statistical Metrics and what we do with them

With so many new batting metrics finding their way into common baseball conversation, which are useful? What is good and bad? Counting Rocks explores how the basics transition into the advanced, and how we should interpret them.

Tidbits Jim Tracy should watch for as we roll down the stretch

The Colorado Rockies have turned a lot of heads in their 2009 campaign. What do they need to be looking at as they head down the stretch toward Rocktober II?

Woes and Throes: Chris Iannetta

Chris Iannetta isn't nearly the force he was last season. What's going on with the Rockies' backstop?

Big Bats and which among them are Feeding our Fever

The Rockies have a promotion where if they score 7 or more runs in a game, Denver area fans get a discount at Taco Bell. Which Rockies have come up the biggest in these high scoring contests?

Manny Corpas: Why he’s great, why he’s awful, and why the stats show that either way, you’re right.

Manuel Corpas has been a tough guy to watch this season, but impossible to hit at other times. What is the story with Corpas? Counting Rocks explores Corpas' peripherals and how the Win Probability Added metric paints a picture of Corpas' season.

The Case for Bob Apodaca: Headcases and Ground Balls

Pitching in Coors Field is a historic debacle. Pitching coach Bob Apodaca walks the razor's edge every season, trying to hold together rookies, veterans, and headcases while keeping the baseball on the ground. How has he done?

Troy Tulowitzki’s 1st halves: 2007 and 2009

What do Tulowitzki's 1st half splits between 2007 and 2009 tell us about the rest of the season?

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