Counting Rocks

Jason Marquis vs. Bill James vs. CHONE vs. Marcel vs. RMN


Jason Marquis was projected before the 2009 to be a very mediocre addition to the Rockies' pitching staff. Counting Rocks explores where Marquis stood compared to where all the thinkers expected.

Gold Glove Fielding: Yet another reason why Ubaldo Jimenez is awesome


PITCHERS FIELDING! Ubaldo Jimenez is an extreme groundballer when he isn't striking batters out with his 100mph fastball, and that means he's going to have to field his own position as well. How...

Swing and a miss! –or- Jip Jip Jorge!


Jorge De La Rosa is still an intriguing character to look at, and his strikeout ability is second to nobody on the Rockies, in more ways than one. How good was DLR's 2009 season?

Jason Hammel: The Man, the Myth, the Back-End Starter


Jason Hammel was better than the #5 rotation slot he was given this season. Not only was he better than #5, he gives most #4s a run for their money. Check out what Counting Rocks has to say about...

Quick notes on Cole Garner, OF, Tulsa


Cole Garner - not a top prospect, but what tools can he offer the majors? We take a quick look and see what the guy's got going on.

Coming in with Runners On – Not our Forte.


Who in the Rockies bullpen handles the heat well? Who chokes? Who do you want in with runners on and the game on the line?

The Rockies with 2 outs


2-out hitting always seems a skin-of-your-teeth desperation moment. Who excels with 2 outs for the Rockies?

Patience and Plate Discipline: What has it gotten us?


The Rockies are the most taxing team to pitch to in the Majors. How does their plate discpline help their overall offensive numbers?

Quick thoughts on a Tuesday: Cargo vs Holliday


Matt Holliday's departure shook the Denver community and their faith in the Rockies. 1 trade deadline later, who has come out ahead?

The Jose Contreras Acquisition: Why this trade is better than it looks


The Rockies just moved a near-MLB-ready pitcher for veteran Jose Contreras. Good move? Counting Rockies thinks so.

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