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Purple Row interviews 5th round pick Kevin Padlo


I sit down with the Colorado Rockies 5th round pick in the 2014 MLB draft, and current Grand Junction Rockies third baseman, Kevin Padlo.

In defense of Monfort and O'Dowd


While the Colorado Rockies' owner should absolutely put a sock in it, the sentiments behind his most recent outbursts are positively on the money.

Jenny Cavnar should be in ROOT brodcast booth


Jenny Cavnar should be calling Colorado Rockies games from the ROOT Sports broadcast booth because she is the best person for the job.

Bob Apodaca on Rockies pitching philosophy


Former big league pitching coach Bob Apodaca talks Rockies pitching prospects with Purple Row. His influence can still be found throughout Colorado's minor league system.

A trio of GJ catchers to be excited about


Three catchers with a ton of potential? Rotation rotation rotation! Dom Nunez, Hamlet Marte, and Troy Stein combine to create an exciting trio of backstops for the Rockies to develop.

Kyle Freeland ready to start career


A quick interview about pitching strategy with the No. 8 overall pick in the 2014 draft, pitcher Kyle Freeland.

A home opener to remember in Grand Junction


Luis Castro hit a two run walk-off home run in a game that saw nine errors, four web gems, and plenty of literal and figurative fireworks. What a way to start a baseball season.

DC in GJ, Prologue: A season of new beginnings


The Grand Junction Rockies get ready for 2014.

Why defense makes Tulo better than Trout


In part four of our comparison series we take a look at only the defensive side of the ball for Mike Trout and Troy Tulowitzki, two of the game's absolute finest.

What to watch for from Eddie Butler


Eddie Butler makes his debut for the Colorado Rockies tomorrow. What should we be looking for while evaluating his performance?


Tulo > Trout, Part 3: Next best outfielders


Mike Trout is unquestionably the best outfielder in baseball. But by how much? Let's take a look inside the numbers.

On managerial ejections


What purpose does it serve for a manger to intentionally get ejected from a game? More of one than you might think.

Jon Gray or Eddie Butler to the pen?


Could the Rockies two best starting pitching prospects be most helpful in the bullpen in 2014?

The Rockies among the best road teams in the NL


So far this season, the Milwaukee Brewers are the best traveling offense in the NL. After that, the Rockies are as good or better than any team in the National League at producing runs. Spread the...

Should the Rockies trade Michael Cuddyer?


Is the Rockies outfield getting too crowded? Is this a problem that needs to be solved via trade?

Tulo better than Trout, best in baseball


Troy Tulowitzki has the rarest combination of skills in the game and despite people looking for tertiary reasons to the contrary, he is the best player in baseball even over the darling of the stat...

Arenado's mental approach fueling hit streak


Arenado is turning heads and grabbing eyeballs with his bat, but it's what's going on long before he steps to the plate that is fueling this impressive hitting onslaught.

Lyles, Morales already a big improvement over 2013


It's early, but it isn't too early to say that the bottom of the Colorado Rockies rotation is no longer absurdly abysmal.

The State of the ROOT Sports Rockies broadcast


How do the Rockies ROOT broadcasters rank among the others in MLB? Have they gotten better since last year?

Instant replay good because fairness is pivotal


Initial responses to the implementation of replay were mostly positive but early reviews are largely mixed. Still, fairness should be priority number one and instant replay puts us on the right track.

Rox need Morneau, Cuddyer on team, where they are


Former Twins Justin Morneau and Micahel Cuddyer were subject to much off season doubt but the Rockies need them both on the roster and right where they are.

Bullpen issues best problem the Rockies could have


Rox bullpen got ya down? A trio of first-round draft picks, a duo of stud pitching prospects and even a few current rotation starters could bring long-lasting relief!

DC in AZ Part 5: The Road Home


The conclusion of our five-part series chronicling Drew's journey to the Phoenix area for spring training.

DC in AZ: Spring training with the Rockies, Part 4


Part 4 of our five-part series profiles another Rockies top prospect -- but one with a lot to prove in 2014.

DC in AZ: Spring training with the Rockies, Part 3


In Part 3 of our five-part series, Drew talks with two of the most exciting prospects in the game, let alone the organization.

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