Rockies Bloggers Panel: El Charrito's July 26th


If you haven't been out to any of the delightful Colorado Rockies bloggers panels that have been organized by our dear friend, and Purple Row commenter, Richard Bergstrom of Rockies Zingers, then...

Introducing FanDuel


SB Nation has entered into a partnership with FanDuel. This is good news for you.

USA vs. Germany GameThread


Talk about the soccers here.


Tulo's Top 10 Moments as a Rockie

In case you all can’t tell by my username, I’m a huge Tulo fan. He’s unmatched as a player, and I figure there’s no better time to celebrate him than after his 1,000th (and 1,001st) hit while he’s...

Rockies' Tulo odds-on favorite to win NL MVP


Now, about staying healthy ...

How do the Rockies fare on the MLB fan map?


The Rockies' footprint is large in area but small in population. There's an opportunity to change that, and the team would benefit greatly by taking advantage of it.

Listen to Purple Row on The Press Box this morning


Purple Row joins The Press Box with Peter Burns, Mark Kiszla, and Oren Lomena this morning at 9:40 a.m. M.T.

Keri, Post writers to co-host event in Denver


This is pretty much a can't-miss event if you're a baseball fan living in the Denver area.

MLB, Hello Kitty join forces!


Hello, Hello Kitty!


Official Purple Row Fantasy League Signups

10 of you will get the opportunity to beat The Aberle Guarantee senseless in fantasy baseball this upcoming year. State your case in the comments thread.


No, seriously, what exactly are 'options'?


For the majority of baseball fans, minor league options remain an elusive and difficult concept to grasp. Not to fret, I am here to give you more information about these things than you ever wanted...

MLB odds: Rockies a real longshot


Here's a list of MLB World Series, pennant and division title odds. Don't blow all of your money.

What to know about the minor league lawsuit


Ten questions, with ten answers, about the legal challenge to minor league salaries.

Gorbachev he isn't


Rockies owner Dick Monfort is doing things his way, for better or worse. (HINT: Worse)

A-Rod and the Last Chance Saloon


With the arbitrator's ruling yesterday, he's running out of options and time.

Vote for the Face of the Rockies


You can decide the face of the Colorado Rockies, and eventually, the face of Major League Baseball. Get to it!

Remembering Oliver Marcelle


One of the game's greatest players, Oliver "The Ghost" Marcelle, came to rest in Denver.

Biogenesis Scandal: A-Rod goes on offense


As the A-Rod saga rolls on, the Purple Row Legal Team has everything you need to know about the latest round of litigation.

Michael Cuddyer takes his road show to NYC


Michael Cuddyer visits the MLB Fan Cave and shows off his array of magic tricks to the people of the Big Apple

Baseball, Biogenesis and the Law


Ten questions, with ten answers, on yesterday's suspensions, from Purple Row's resident lawyer, Chris Chrisman.

CarGo on the red carpet


It's a hot day here in New York, but CarGo is stylin' and profilin' this afternoon.

2013 Home Run Derby Thread

Michael Cuddyer will try to become the first ever Rockies player to win the Home Run derby.

When tragedies and the sports world collide


Yesterday we watched the news unfold of tragedy at a major sporting event in was is traditionally a joyful day for the residents of Massachusetts. As Rockies fans, we have seen our fair share of...

Still learning from Jackie Robinson


The upcoming release of the film 42 gave me inspiration (and an excuse) to write this piece, but it also speaks to more ways we are still learning from Jackie.

Examining strength of schedule and April victories


Why winning in April is very achievable, and why a losing record might bury the team

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