Rules and Regulations

There are a few rules here at Purple Row and we reserve the right to change them at any time.

First (Golden) Rule

Practice civil discourse, and don't be a jerk.

  • This means no trolling, no personal attacks, no discussing religion, politics, or other hot button topics. They may seem like different things, but those latter topics tend to cause the former two. They're best left to other sites.
  • No swearing in the baseball threads (Rockpiles, GameThreads, Scaling the Rocks, Pebble Reports, etc.). Don't try to mask your cuss words, either. This means no more "F the Giants." Sorry, but you're all smart enough to figure out a different word to use. This rule doesn't apply to the Party Deck (off-topic) threads, where just about anything goes (except for you still can't violate Rule No. 1). Enter those at your own risk.
  • No racist, sexist or homophobic comments. Ever.
  • Just to make this clear, the level of discourse practiced on this site is a source of pride for us. There will be zero tolerance for asinine comments. We are not talking about writing, "Cory Sullivan was the greatest Rockie ever!" As stupid as that may be to write, it's your opinion. There's a problem when you start making ad hominem attacks against a baseball player, a club executive, a beat reporter or a member of our community (yes, this means other posters). You'll likely be banned without warning.
  • Furthermore, if you feel like you're getting snarked at in replies, be the bigger person and just type "z". You'll move right past that comment and it's all over. If the "other" person is a repeated jerk, we'll handle it accordingly.
  • Additionally, if you feel there's something above and beyond typical disagreement, please notify a moderator ASAP. We appreciate some self-moderation of our community, but sometimes you've gotta call in the big guns.
  • Finally, no posting scantily clad women (or men). Please link said images, because we don't want to ruin any Purple Rowing for people at their workplaces. If you HAVE to share something inappropriate, please link it with a NSFW (not safe for work) warning.

Second Rule

I (Bryan Kilpatrick) am the judge, jury and executioner combined into one role. I do have other moderators and they have similar authority. While their decisions will be reviewed by me, I will likely side with their decisions. As one former incarnation of these rules stated: "Same as in baseball, you can't argue balls and strikes with the umpires or you could get ejected." We reserve the right to delete comments without notice or comment as to why. But deleting comments happens only for rules violations, not opinions (see below).

Third Rule

Do be a Colorado Rockies fan. That's why we are all here: because we are fans of the Rockies. Some people undoubtedly have a hard time remembering that. We all have different views about the Rockies, so just remember the first rule.

  • Fans of opposing teams are acceptable. Just remember to follow the rules. We will quickly ban you if you get out of line. No warning, just a ban.
  • Somewhat related, don't visit opposing team blogs to make snarky/trollish comments before, during, or after a game ends. If you do, whatever happens is in your hands.
  • Don't be a complete and total curmudgeon. This team hasn't done a lot in its existence to instill faith in the fanbase, but for those of you who enjoy getting into it with optimistic staff members and commenters: stop. Make your point, use supporting facts, and move on. I don't want to see arguments every single day on the site about why Person A is wrong because he/she doesn't think the Rockies' brass is the biggest group of idiots in baseball. I will start banning people if those arguments become rampant again.
  • Don't reopen old wounds. Here's an example illustrating what I mean by that: a month ago, Commenter A and Commenter B got into it about Commenter A's views of the Rockies' minor league system. During the argument, Commenter B says something to the effect of "the Rockies just can't draft and develop pitchers, and nothing any of these minor leaguers do will change my mind." A month later, Commenter A goes into the comments section of a Pebble Report after Eddie Butler has a good outing in Triple-A and says something passive aggressive, maybe to the effect of "Another great start for Butler. But, no, the Rockies just can't develop pitchers, so it doesn't mean anything." Do you see why that's dumb? Don't do it. Don't even think about it.

Fourth Rule

Game threads are for discussing the game, but off-topic conversations are acceptable. We'd like to limit them, but they grow organically and take on lives of their own.

  • We do not like to view incessant negativity in the comments. It is unnecessary to repeatedly say the Rockies lost the game when it is only the second inning. A game (usually) ends when 27 outs have been completed. The Rockies can win (remember that time they scored nine runs in the ninth inning against the Cardinals?). Incessant negativity can result in a warning and escalate to a banning if need be. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the Rockies. Tell us the Rockies have lost, but one comment is enough. Tough luck if you don't read this, because when you signed up you were told to read this, and this same message appears in the box when you sign up. Sorry, you can't complain about this one.

Fifth Rule

If you have brought yourself to the attention of the staff/mods and got yourself a warning, do not -- DO NOT -- use that as an invitation to call out the staff in the comments or on Twitter. If you feel your warning was undeserved, EMAIL BRYAN KILPATRICK; do not try protesting in the threads. Should you violate this rule, you might be banned, depending on the severity of the outburst. Where that line is ... well, that depends on which moderator gets to it first.

Sixth Rule

Be a Good Internet Citizen. This means if you're going to share images, use an external hosting site, such as imgur, imageshack, or tinypic, to name a few. Also, if you're copy and pasting text from a tweet or article in the comments, make sure you include a link and/or credit the source. Don't be that guy.


How to use FanPosts

The Community Guidelines for posting a FanPost are:

  • A FanPost must be a minimum of 75 characters in order to be published. If you need to add filler in order to publish, it is not a FanPost. It should be a comment somewhere, most likely in the Rockpile or Pebble Report.
  • A FanPost must in some way belong on Purple Row. In other words, it must relate to the Rockies, baseball, the site, or an existing thread or FanPost, etc.
  • A FanPost should not be used for self-promotion.
  • You are limited to two (2) FanPosts per day.
  • A FanPost should not be your first foray into Purple Row. We've got a great and generally well-informed community here, so what you have to say in a FanPost in many cases has already been discussed in the comments section. Bring up your take in the comments section; we'll be happy to debate it with you.

Tips on writing good FanPosts:

Some of the qualities that the most popular FanPosts often have in common are:

  • They expand upon the main idea with supporting examples, or statistical data, or a link to a relevant article, or a "thinking question" for others to consider, etc.--something beyond just the main idea itself.
  • They explore a topic, idea, or question that has not been explored recently, or at all, on PR.
  • They are not to be used as a form of advertising.

Keep in mind that if your FanPost contains only one point or idea that is not developed, expanded on, or supported with arguments or data, it is really not a FanPost--it is a comment that should be posted in an existing thread, FanPost, or FanShot.


Here is a link to learn how to use FanShots.

FanShots should also not be used for self-promotion.

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