Wednesday Rockpile: Tulo to DL, all is not well


The Rockies have lost 25 of their past 31 games and have just placed arguably the most valuable player in baseball this season on the DL. Also, they face Stephen Strasbourg today.

Tuesday Rockpile: Things are coming to a head


Word within the industry is that the Rockies finally might just explode after years of fielding a disappointing product.

Monday Rockpile: So, just how bad is this bullpen?


The Rockies' bullpen is on pace to be the worst this millennium according to one very telling stat

Rockpile: Anderson good, Butler to Tulsa


Brett Anderson was good last night and the Rockies two most promising pitching prospects have been reunited in Tulsa, but for how long?

Saturday Rockpile: Back in the basement


The Rockies have hit the NL

Friday Rockpile: Chatwood needs Tommy John


The second half of the season starts up today, and already we have bad news

Thursday Rockpile: Tidbits from a slow news day


There was no action on the field at all yesterday, at least at the major league level, but there was still some news on the day.

Wednesday Rockpile: All-Star recap, prospect list


It's arguably the quietest sports day of the year today, but there's still some Rockies and baseball news to write about. Herein lies articles about the All-Star game, Dick Monfort, Dan O'Dowd, and...

Tuesday Rockpile: Home Run Derby fun


Justin Morneau acquitted himself well in his return to the Twin Cities for the Home Run Derby (as did Tulo). Also included is more talk about Dick Monfort's comments to fans.

Monday Rockpile: Lyles suffers setback


The Rockies' best pitcher over the first two months of the season had another setback that will keep him out longer than anticipated. #2014


Sunday Rockpile: Baseball is still awesome


There are still things to enjoy about taking in Colorado Rockies games even when the owner is making an ass of himself and they aren't winning any games.

Saturday Rockpile: Rockies roster set to improve


Optimism...catch it if you can

Friday Rockpile: Monfort, Morneau, and trades


Monfort's comments, Morneau is heading to the home run derby, and discussion about Rockies trade chips.

Thursday Rockpile: Rockies win a series


The Rockies won their first series in nearly a month yesterday and expect the return of Carlos Gonzalez tomorrow. Also, Justin Morneau's push for the All-Star final vote ends today,

Rockpile: Monfort speaks, Morneau in the HR Derby?


Dick Monfort made quite a few revealing statements in his interview with Patrick Saunders, while Justin Morneau continued to lead the NL Final Vote and was a candidate for a slot in the HR derby.

Tuesday Rockpile: Chacin out for season


Chacin won't need surgery, but he won't resume throwing for another month and a half, making him unlikely to be ready to pitch again in 2014.

Monday Rockpile: Tulo, Blackmon All-Star bound


The Rockies will be well represented in Minnesota at next week's All Star game, but perhaps the more exciting news is all the players schedule to come back in the weeks following the mid summer...

Sunday Rockpile: Trade Tulo to NY, hire Hershiser


Had enough with all the losing? Would seeing Troy Tulowitzki in Yankee Pinstripes make you feel better?

Saturday Rockpile: Ring of fire


Colorado's season is going the way of a Johnny Cash song - down, down, down

It begins: Tulo and CarGo talk trades


No one is more frustrated about Colorado's year (four years?) from hell. Tulo and Cargo talked frankly about trades last night.

Thursday Rockpile: Arenado returns


Reinforcements are coming for the Rockies in the form of Nolan Arenado and Brett Anderson, and the club has acquired a veteran arm as well.

Wed Rockpile: Injuries + poor effort=bad baseball


The math is simple: 10 players on the disabled list + listless performance by those who remain = a team that is among the worst in the majors.

Tuesday Rockpile: In limbo


What can the Rockies even do as the trade deadline approaches? Not much.

Monday Rockpile: Another gigantic problem


Jhoulys Chacin is a big problem for the Rockies, and once they start getting some other injured pieces back, he's probably going to have to come out of this rotation.

Sunday Rockpile: Time for regime change?


Is the Rockies terrible play recently worthy of a total front office overhaul?

Saturday Rockpile: The slide continues


Colorado has continued their struggles in the month of June.

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