Rockies Player Reviews

2013 Rockies ownership review


The Monforts want to win - but they don't want to sacrifice the club's profitability to do so. To win, the Rockies to spend money to make money - but the Rockies first need to put the right brain...

2013 Rockies front office review


Upon further review, the Rockies' front office did have a plan entering the 2013 season. It just didn't work -- at all. Now, it's time to make some adjustments before it's too late.

2013 Colorado Rockies coaching review


The Rockies are an organization known for their loyalty. That's why it was interesting to see Walt Weiss given a one year deal as a new manager coming into 2013. Whatever it was that Weiss did this...

2013 Colorado Rockies Rotation Review


The 2013 Rockies rotation was exactly how it looked. It had three very good pitchers at the top, one guy who was serviceable as a back end starter, and then a whole bunch nothing.

Rockies starting position players - 2013 review


Plenty has been written this off-season already about how the Rockies need to improve their supporting cast - but what about the starters? Here's a brief recap of how the starting position players...

Reviewing the Rockies bullpen


The Rockies bullpen has, amazingly, been one of its most stable areas for some years now. Heading out of 2013 and into the future, however, the relief corps is likely going to need to receive the...

Reviewing the Rockies' bench, Part 2


Comparing Colorado's bench to the rest of the National League to get a good idea of how they compare and then preview what can be expected from this part of the roster in 2014.

Reviewing the Rockies' bench, Part 1


Colorado's bench was terrible in 2013. How terrible? Perennial 25th man/Purple Row punching bag Jonathan Herrera was arguably the most valuable player among the pure bench players.

Ranking the Rockies #1: Jhoulys Chacin


We've reached the end of our player-specific review of 2013. Chacin was the best of the best that the Rockies had to offer.

Ranking the Rockies #2: Troy Tulowitzki


Troy Tulowitzki has become one of the best power hitters and one of the best contact hitters in baseball. If he ever finds a smoother way to marry these two skills, he'll unlock a chance to become...


Ranking the Rockies #3: Carlos Gonzalez


With a healthy Tulo, less pressure was placed on Carlos Gonzalez to carry the Rockies lineup than in the season previous. Unfortunately, Gonzalez himself was less healthy, getting fewer...

Ranking the Rockies #4: Nolan Arenado


How does a guy with an OBP that barely cracks .300 end up with a 4-WAR season? Why, with his golden glove, of course.

Ranking the Rockies #5: Tyler Chatwood


Tyler Chatwood's had a strange road to this point. A strong 2013 vaulted Chatwood from a glut of talented young arms with question marks to an established major league starter. Can he maintain that...

Ranking the Rockies #6: Jorge De La Rosa


Jorge De La Rosa rose from the ashes in 2013 to pitch his best season ever. In doing so, he secured his position for 2014 filling in the third place in the starting rotation and opening discussion...

Ranking the Rockies #7: Rex Brothers


The Rockies bullpen had its faults in 2013, but Brothers was not one of them, despite the fact that his season was a tale of two halves.

Ranking the Rockies #8: Adam Ottavino


Adam Ottavino was a revelation in 2013 as a long reliever for the Rockies - so much so that he ranks above everyday players like Michael Cuddyer and Wilin Rosario in rWAR.

Ranking the Rockies #9: Wilin Rosario


It was hardly noticeable, but the Rockies' 24-year-old catcher did indeed suffer through a sophomore slump in 2013. Let's just hope that encourage the team to abandon all hope with him behind the...

Ranking the Rockies #10: Michael Cuddyer


Michael Cuddyer had a fantastic year at the plate, but gave a lot of value back in the field.

Ranking the Rockies #11: Dexter Fowler


Dexter Fowler took Rockies fans on a roller coaster ride in 2013.

Ranking the Rockies #12: DJ LeMahieu


DJ LeMahieu surprised by jumping from AAA into the full-season starter at second base. He also might surprise you by how poorly he actually was with his bat.

Ranking the Rockies #13: Wilton Lopez


Wilton Lopez posted decent overall numbers for the Rockies in 2013, but his impact was mostly negative.

Ranking the Rockies #14: Charlie Blackmon


With his career frequently sidelined by a variety of unrelated leg and foot injuries, 2013 became Charlie Blackmon's first opportunity in three years to prove he could have a future somewhere with...

Ranking the Rockies #15: Corey Dickerson


When Corey Dickerson made his major league debut with the Rockies, he faced an uphill battle- notably, a lack of opportunity for daily starts.

Ranking the Rockies #16: Josh Outman


The Rockies may have found another reclamation project in Josh Outman, and he may be the first left hander to make it through the Rockies' new Starter-to-Reliever transformation reclamation project.

Ranking the Rockies #17: Matt Belisle


The Rockies' workhorse reliever took a step back in 2013

Ranking the Rockies #18: Juan Nicasio


The 26-year-old was slightly more good than bad in his first healthy season in the Majors.

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