Rockies Player Reviews

Ranking the Rockies #19: Jonathan Herrera


Despite his misgivings, Jonathan Herrera is what he is. A fairly solid bench player, with good infield versatility and the ability to handle himself adequately at the plate. Herrera may not wow...

Ranking the Rockies #20: Manny Corpas


The reliever from Panama brought nostalgia and a slightly above average season to the Rockies bullpen this season.

Ranking the Rockies #22: Rob Scahill


As a 2012 September call-up, Rob Scahill set a high bar for himself. After a trampoline-like season between the AAA and major league squads, Scahill seems to have established a place for himself as...

Ranking the Rockies #23: Rafael Betancourt


Throughout his career, Rafael Betancourt has been a model of consistency and durability. Since 2004, he had never failed to appear in at least 50 games per year. But the injury gods can only be...

Ranking the Rockies #24: Logan Kensing


This season, Logan Kensing became the 11th player to play just one game in a Colorado Rockies uniform, which is undoubtedly his greatest contribution to Rockies history. Unless, of course, we...

Ranking the Rockies #25: Jon Garland


In 2013, Jon Garland pitched for his fourth NL West team in five seasons. Unfortunately for him, it was the one that was his worst possible fit.

Ranking the Rockies #26: Drew Pomeranz


Drew Pomeranz spent most of 2013 making Colorado fans want to forget he existed, but then, just as the season was wrapping up, he gave us all a glimpse of why the Rockies shouldn't give up on him.

Ranking the Rockies #30: Chris Volstad


Chris Volstad pitched in just six games for the Rockies in 2013, and he gave up at least one run in all of them.

Ranking the Rockies #27: Todd Helton


Todd Helton went from a career 61.7 to a 61.3 rWAR player in 2013. The small drop-off matters not.

Ranking the Rockies #28: Charlie Culberson


Charlie Culberson came to the Rockies in the Marco Scutaro trade and found himself in the unlikely position of starting regularly in left field. Even more unlikely, he held his own in his new...

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