The 2007 Play-In Game is the Rockies' Perfect Game


Colorado's 9-8 victory in 13 innings over San Diego in the 2007 play-in game is the greatest baseball game I have ever witnessed. I may be slightly biased.

Looking back, looking forward: Rocktober Rumination


2009 came and went for the Rockies, bringing some success and some heartbreak. RockiesMagicNumber looks back at the 2007 postseason and reminisces about the original Rocktober.

To be at Game Four: Bust out your hankies


For a brief moment, Coors Field was the most euphoric place to be. And then it was gone.

My Rocktober Experience/Crowd Report at NLDS Games 3 and 4...


A Rockies fan's experiences at Games 3 and 4 of the 2009 NLDS...

My experience at Game 3


Just one special fan's personal experience and recant on NLDS Game 3


NLDS Game #1: Ubaldo Jimenez vs. Cliff Lee

Discuss the game here (click me).     Ladies and gentleman, it's that time of year again. Yes, that's right: It's Rocktober! Wonderfully amazing and so full of Rockies goodness! And here we are at...

Remembering Rocktober: NLCS Game #3, or Thank You, Josh Fogg


Dear Josh Fogg, A year ago, you pitched in one of the most important games of your career. You came up big time. You went six innings and allowed only a run, a homer to that Mark Reynolds...

Remembering Rocktober: NLCS Game #2, or The Game Didn't Want To End But Did


I had something written here, but then my browser messed up and it all went away. So, I'll just recommend that you look at both game threads to get a feel again for that night: Game Thread # 1. G...

Remembering Rocktober: NLCS Game #1


Jeff Francis went 1-1 in three starts against the Arizona Diamonbacks during the 2007 regular season. He had a 2.84 ERA in 19 IP. Brandon Webb had a 1-3 record in six starts against the Colorado...


'Twas the night before the 2007 National League Championship Series, or Happy Birthday to Troy Tulowitzki!


First, happy 24th birthday to Troy Tulowitzki! A year ago today, he turned 23 and was ready to take the field in his first National League Championship Series a day later. It was a tough baseball...

Remebering Rocktober: NLDS Game 3, Rockies 2, Phillies 1


The first official playoff game at Coors Field since 1995 saw a little bit of everything. But, the important part was that the Rockies were up 2-0 on the Phils, and only needed one win to get to...

Remembering Rocktober NLDS Game 2: Rockies 10, Phillies 5


Re: Kendrick out We are finished. Finished. Plain and simple. I am so ****ing furious right now. Guarantee the hitters start pressing again. SERIES...OVER... by FuquaManuel on Oct 4, 2007...

Remembering Rocktober: NLDS Game 1: Rockes 4, Phillies 2


"I don't think the lineup struggled so much because of nerves. Yeah, when you first get in there, you're nervous. But I think that kind of subsided. We just ran into a team that was hot. The...

Remembering Rocktober: Play-In Game Between the San Diego Padres and Colorado Rockies, Part 1


Welcome to the most important day in Colorado Rockies' history since the first pitch was thrown to a Rockies batter! With a little help from the Tony Gwynn, Jr. and the Milwaukee Brewers against...

Remembering Rocktober: One Guy's Reflection On What It All Meant


I had been looking for a proper introduction to this piece since I first wrote it back in August. Two weeks ago, I found it. In the midst of a losing effort by the Rockies against...

Reliving Rocktober One Day At A Time


via With one last game to play, the Colorado Rockies are about to end yet another season without partaking in the playoffs. It will be a silent October for the Rockies, but it...

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