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Rays Ace Goes Down, But Pitching Not a Problem


The Tampa Bay Rays have lots of pitching, but do they have enough offense? What might happen to David Price, and should any team ever trade with the Rays again?

Buster made me seem like a douche!


I was just trying to be friendly?! Maybe not.

No Reason


When it comes to the Red Sox--or any collapse--the why does not matter.

C'mon, Buster...


Olney, not Posey. http://insider.espn.go.com/mlb/blog?name=olney_buster&id=6276064 (sorry, just realized his predictions are Insider content...I'm clueless why folks would need to pay to see his blind guesses) He picks the Giants to win the World Series, which makes as much sense as any other pick in the NL, but then makes silly predictions like: "Cy Youngs: Felix Hernandez and Cole Hamels (who will have a good chunk of the season matching up against No. 4 and No. 5 starters)" Um, Buster...what does the opposing starter have to do with how well the opposing hitters do against Hamels? I mean, I get that he stands a chance of picking up a few extra wins, but in case you haven't heard, things are different now...Felix Hernandez and Zack Greinke won their Cy Youngs based on performance, not wins. Good God...I was ready to actually like Olney just a little bit, then he finds a way to make me roll my eyes at him again.

The Real Fred Wilpon Can't Shut Up


People want the Wilpons to stop defending themselves. I want to fly. Neither of these things will happen.

On Andy Pettitte's Hall Pass


Andy Pettitte's HOF merits are being debated soberly. Which is fine, except you can't say the same for any other PED user.

Mets Reportedly Make An Offer To Chris Young


Buster Olney reports that the Mets have made an offer to free agent RHP Chris Young.

Brief Thoughts on Five "Scoops" Guys

  1. Jayson Stark: cheesy (somewhat enjoyably so), master of the "anonymous scout/official from rival club" quote, superfluous "y" in first name makes me suspect he is a long-lost Nix brother.
  2. Ken Rosenthal: good at getting scoops, poor analytical skills counterbalanced by tremendous resemblance to Rocky the Flying Squirrel.
  3. Buster Olney: Heard this: despite occasional outbursts of fogey-ness, Olney is easily the best analyst in this genre, worth reading for more than just rumors and inside information.
  4. Jon Paul Morosi: Rosenthal-in-training, you can tell by the haircut.
  5. Jon Heyman: LOL.

Eric Wedge: "A Very Convincing Guy"


Reviewing the various persuasive techniques of Eric Wedge, who Buster Olney reports is "very convincing."

ESPN's Buster Olney gushes on Miguel Tejada


ESPN's Buster Olney gushes on Miguel Tejada

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