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The Trade Deadline Approacheth: Fantasy Baseball


With a majority of Fantasy Baseball leagues trade deadlines approaching, it is nice to have a few targets in mind, or perhaps a player or two you should try and keep. Let me help by giving you five...


Seek consisten-Seager: Mariners' Kyle Seager and his stable job

After an offseason of ups (Robinson Cano) and downs (Franklin Gutierrez, Hisashi Iwakuma), the Seattle Mariners continue to tear the Cactus League a new one while looking to upgrade. The Mariners...

Homey Bailey & The Top 20 in 365


Let's look at the top performers over the last calendar year, it seems to be the hip way to analyze player performance. Which names might surprise you and which won't?

Improving The Postseason


The MLB playoffs have deficiencies that deserve change. What needs to go, and what needs to stay? Is there a perfect system or does the model need to shift just enough to show improvement?

FanGraphs: Kingsport Mets Prospect Review


Mike Newman deviated from his Sally League stomping grounds and caught a K-Mets game earlier this month. He got some good video and came away with thoughts on Gavin Cecchini, Branden Kaupe and Akeel Morris.

Fangraphs: Should Angels Pick Up Haren's Option


Velocity Chart, Release Point Graph and discussion of the 2013 rotation and the questions surrounding our offseason. This is due to Greinke, Santana and Haren being 2013 question marks.

Fangraphs on the Jays 2012 draft strategy


I love the conclusion of this article, which really highlights one of the major factors that had me start to follow the Jays, and baseball in general, again after many years of disinterest. From the article: "With Alex Anthopoulos at the helm, the Blue Jays have become one of the more creative teams in Major League Baseball. Their strategy in the 2012 Draft is just another example of that creativity at work."

Fangraphs' take on the Pirates excellent season (so far)


The gist of the argument: The Pirates have gotten a lot from Bedard, Burnett and McDonald. But the Pirates have also been clutch players! Yes, clutch players. The Pirates have produced in high-leverage situations.

Grantland looks at Chris Perez and the save statistic


A very good read on the save statistic and why it should go the way of the dinosaurs. The article is framed by the Pure Apathy outing yesterday.

'Twas The Night Before #6org


Which organization will FanGraphs name 6th best in baseball, thereby dooming said organization in 2012?

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