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Humidor - A Mirage?

The humidor has been in place since the 2002 season. Because the Rockies went to the World Series in 2007, the humidor has been locked in as one reason for the Rockies success. I can't argue that...


Lights Out or Lit Up, You Make the Call

Pitchers for the Colorado Rockies might be wondering if their stadium humidor is broken. After a long stretch of good pitching after the humidor was installed in 2002, the ball is back to flying...


Is The Humidor At Coors Field Broken: Or Have We Reverted To The Age Of The Dinosaurs?

The problem with Coors has been well documented, worst starting pitching ERA since the swinging 20's, largest road/home ERA in the history of the humidor, etc. So what is the cause of all these...

Tuesday Rockpile: It Is Not Coors Field's Fault


Dan O'Dowd seems to believe Coors Field is to blame for his rotation's (and team's) struggles. What a load of hooey.

Is This Why The Humidor Idea For Chase Was Dropped?


Author Alan Nathan is Professor Emeritus of Physics at the University of Illinois. Yes, there is a good chunk of math in the article, so to avoid catatonic shock for some readers, a summary: Nathan says the evidence suggests "it is very plausible that the reduction in home runs at Coors Field can be attributed to the humidor." From our point of view, more interestingly, he goes on to look at what might happen at Chase if we followed suit. Due to the lower humidity here [it's a dry heat...], the impact would be even greater. Nathan estimates he would "expect to find a reduction at Chase approximately 1.5 times that at Coors." That's somewhere around 45% fewer HR. Such an extreme reduction may help explain why the idea has been quietly forgotten.

What Effect Would A Humidor Have In Arizona's Chase Field?


Would a humidor in Arizona's Chase Field reduce the number of home runs hit there? One study says quite significantly.

BLS Favorite Stories - The Humidor Saga


"Within minutes the Twitterverse was buzzing. What did Timmy say? Were the Rockies cheating? Were the Giants trying to get into the Rockies heads? What the heck was Major League Baseball going to do about this development?"

Allegations rising of Florida Marlins using de-humdified baseballs against Rockies


Recent developments have pretty dire implications for the Florida Marlins organization: Theft and blatant Cheating. The Marlins advance scouting team has been linked to a recent break-in at Coors Field, where the only thing that has been reported missing was 2 boxes of baseballs that had not yet been placed in the humidor. After Donnie Murphy's walk-off home run against Colorado closer Huston Street and Emilio Bonifacio's 9th-inning triple off of rookie Jhoulys Chacin, a brief investigation was performed on the Florida Marlins. The accusation, as it stands, is that Florida stole de-humidified baseballs, kept them in a de-humidor, snuck them into Sun Life stadium, got them past several MLB officials present at most MLB games, tricked the umpires into allowing them (possibly involving bribes, threats, and numerous concurrent hidden-ball tricks), and fed them to the Rockies' relief staff during Tuesday and Thursday's tight games. "I thought they felt a bit funny," said Colorado closer Huston Street. "My slider usually has a few more inches of bite. It was frustrating. And yet, strangely familiar..." When asked for his thoughts, Rockies reliever Rafael Betancourt only offered "I don't know, I didn't notice anything. I only throw a fastball anyway." More details on this totally real and not fabricated whatsoever scandal as we get them. Click the link for the full details.

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