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Purple Row Interviews Geoff Young - Nolan Arenado


Part two of Purple Row's interview with Baseball Prospectus writer and former Padres blogger Geoff Young, discussing the hot corner - particularly Nolan Arenado.

J.D. Drew to Boston for back injection


More back problems for Red Sox right fielder J.D. Drew.

Top 10 of '08: #1 - ALCS Game 5: Don't count out the Red Sox


Happy, happy, joy, joy. (via cache.boston.com) OTM's coverage | B-R.com box score | Globe's 'Anatomy of a rally' It was the biggest comeback in postseason history, so how could it not be Over...

CP Results 2008: J.D. Drew


via bayareabaseball.today.com 'Tis the season for community projection results. It's when I stick my nose into Excel for a few hours and figure out where people went right and wrong. A community...

Tony Mazz: Sox will break the bank for Mark Teixeira


A bold prediction for my new favorite Globe writer, Tony Massarotti: Here's a prediction: By the time this is over, win or lose, the Red Sox effectively will have made Mark Teixeira the largest...

Game 5 Postgame: Can you believe it?


via cache.boston.com With J.D. Drew's 9th inning double off JP Howell, the Boston Red Sox have completed the greatest comeback in ALCS elimination game history. They were down 7-0 to start the...

Random Red Sox (and other) thoughts before Game 3


What you got to say, Randy? I'm listenin'. (via d.yimg.com) With three hours until game time, I don't have one cohesive thing to say -- just a lot of little random things. Stick with me for a...

Drew's HR beats K-Rod, Angels, 7-5


K-Rod after JD Drew's home run in the ninth inning. (via d.yimg.com) Youk reacts after his great ninth inning catch. (via d.yimg.com) Paps being Paps. (via d.yimg.com) Games like this seperate...

Red Sox finish season 95-67


One of the best moments of the season -- and most deserving. (via d.yimg.com) After battling through every sore shoulder, pulled muscle, numb hand the Baseball Gods could possibley throw their...

Kotsay to Sox, says Edes


Gordon Edes, now of Yahoo!, wrote tonight the Mark Kotsay to the Red Sox deal is complete ... but it hasn't been confirmed: The Boston Red Sox acquired outfielder Mark Kotsay from the Atlanta...

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