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This Week in Baseball Season 1: Episode 14


Episode 14 of TWIB '77 features historic base stealing, historic indifference to the pain of others, and Ralph Houk crowned as King of the Crazy Managers!

This Week in Baseball Season One Recaps: Episode 3


TWIB '77 episode 3 recap! The Phillies surge, Don Sutton scuffs, and no one at Wrigley Field can run!

Purple Row's 2011 interview with Tony Gwynn


In 2011, Purple Row interviewed Tony Gwynn.

What's Jim Rice Saying About Derek Jeter?


Dan Levy already whetted your appetite for the Little League World Series with his piece this morning, but we've got one more bit from Williamsport thanks to a curious comment from Jim Rice, who...

10/02/1978 - Bucky bleepin' Dent hits homer

The Boston Red Sox capped off the largest mid-season collapse in history with a loss to the New York Yankees, and a home run to a complete nobody.Sixty years after winning their last championship,...

Maury Allen: Mets Are Wimps


I've never heard of Maury Allen, but according to his bio he was a New York Post sports columnist for 28 years and has authored 30 books. In this piece (via BBTF), he criticizes the Mets for being wussies, giving it the old "back in my day, men were men!" approach. Here's a sample: The latest to go down for the count was All Star third baseman David Wright who took a pitch on the cocoanut (sic) and is now resting comfortably on the Mets disabled list. Yeah, screw that Wright guy. He only got hit in the head by a 94 mph fastball. Talk to me when he's hit by a 103 mph heater courtesy of Nolan Ryan. I'm guessing Maury Allen would only be satisfied if Wright was resting uncomfortably on a bed of nails. While speaking with my father recently about Jim Rice's own version of this concept, I asked him if I too would one day deliver "back in my day" soliloquys. He responded: "Yes, you will. No matter how much you think you won't, you will."

Jim Rice vs. Dale Murphy


On this day when Jim Rice is inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame, we take a look at the HOF credentials of the Atlanta Braves Dale Murphy.

Last Year’s Hall of Fame Ballot and Voting, Compared with Wins Above Replacement (WAR)


My very first FanShot... wanted to see how this looked. Turns out (as anticipated), there's love for Raines and Trammell and a big fat "meh" for Jim Rice. Gotta love the holistic view of performance WAR affords.

Graph of the Day: Rice vs. Dawson


WAR data from Sean's historical WAR database.  It's awesome. Each players' seasons sorted from best to worst, left to right.

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