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Sunday Rockpile: Looking for the forest


I've just been trying to figure out where O'Dowd wants to be headed with the Matt Holliday to St. Louis trade. I'm trying not to look at the individual trees and see more of the complete picture....

Friday Rockpile: Outflanking in the outfield


Will Dan O'Dowd be able to have his cake and eat it too when it comes to dealing Matt Holliday? Recent rumors suggest that he's looking to upgrade the Rockies outfield even while trading the...

O'Dowd: "'Open-minded' to anything (for Holliday)"


More than ever, it looks as if there's no chance Matt Holliday will be with the Rockies in 2009.

Sunday Rockpile: Dealin' Dan Back for Business


With Dan O'Dowd set to deal Matt Holliday, Garrett Atkins and Willy Taveras Rox Girl takes a look at what the rumored teams interested in the players might have to offer.

Friday Rockpile: Let's talk about the Weathers


Beats talking about the government. Anyway, Tracy Ringolsby's Friday notes column mentions that the loss of Casey Weathers in 2009 doesn't affect the Rockies closer plans, and therefore will have...

Friday Rockpile: O'Dowd to roll dice in offseason


According to Tracy Ringolsby's article this morning: Given the failure of this season, it will open the door for O'Dowd to be more daring than he was last year and puts the Rockies in position...

Friday Morning Rockpile:


So everybody was abuzz yesterday about the whispers that Roy Halladay might be available. Halladay is certainly in a camp of player that is worth giving up a lot of talent for. Everything seems to...

Wednesday Morning Rockpile:


Aaron Cook and Matt Holliday did a fine job of representing the Rockies at the All-Star Game last night, although I wonder if we get any sympathy points from fans around the majors for Clint...

Saturday Morning Rockpile:


Russ answered more of Jessica Bader's questions at Take the Seven Train, unfortunately, due to an increased workload this week I wasn't able to participate this time around, so I want to offer an...

Thursday Morning Rockpile:


Yesterday's win over the Padres was an audition in front of opposing team's scouts for several players, not just the Rockies. So the beatdown of Randy Wolf winds up as a double win for the Rox, as t...

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