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Saturday Rockpile: Back to being underrated...


To paraphrase an infamous Dan O'Dowd statement from last season, maybe high expectations weigh down on the Rockies. So this could be a good thing. At any rate, with the Giants signing of Randy...

Friday Rockpile: The Marquis of Sod


According to a Tracy Ringolsby post this morning, the Rockies are getting outgunned in their pursuit of a pitcher that they want, Tim Redding, so rather than competing with other teams in the...

Sunday Rockpile: Fuentes Falling Back to Rockies price range?


Buster Olney has had a couple of blog posts the last two days that include the Rockies as a possibility to re-sign Brian Fuentes. Fuentes' agent said that the left-hander wouldn't want to come back...

Friday Rockpile: Atkins staying put; 9th starter Redding or Marquis


Tracy Ringolsby reports that the Rockies are hanging onto Garrett Atkins not only as Todd Helton insurance, but also for a second reason that I hadn't previously associated with our incumbent third...

Saturday Rockpile: Bye-bye Taveras and Herrera, Hello Embree and ?


While Willy Taveras had been expected and rumored to be cut leading into Friday night's contract tender deadline, Jonathan Herrera's name sort of came out of the blue, but having the flexibility of...

Friday Rockpile: DePo Needs some edumacatin'


Our intrepid blogger gives some schooling for the Padres assistant GM and gets schooled herself.

Cabrera, Patton taken in Rule 5 draft


The San Diego Padres took infielder Everth Cabrera with the third selection in this year's Rule 5 draft, a few picks later, the Cincinnati Reds picked up right-handed relief arm David Patton. The...

Thursday Rockpile:


Thomas Harding has done some digging on the failed Taveras for Redding swap, and implies that the health concerns that eighty-sixed the deal were with Rockies right-hander Juan Morillo, who was to...

Wednesday Rockpile: Winter Meetings, Day Three


While a Willy Taveras-for-Tim Redding swap is dead, a deal for Tim Redding could still happen, according to Troy Renck, if the right player is found. One guy discussed was: Joe Koshansky...

Tuesday Rockpile: The Rockies have names aplenty.


Here are some bullets: Glendon Rusch and the Colorado Rockies are close to a deal for the 2009 season. Troy Renck says Rusch wants his role clarified on the team before he signs the deal, but...

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