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Friday Pebble Report: Alving Mejias blipping on prospect radar, Morales rocked by Las Vegas


We don't follow the Dominican Summer League too closely at Purple Row, but sometimes prospects at our academy there do deserve some attention. That's the case with 17 year old Alving Mejias, who...

Thursday Pebble Report: Esmil Rogers twirls yet another gem


Esmil Rogers continues his dominance in AA Tulsa, while Carlos Gonzalez goes hitless. Oh my!

Tuesday Pebble Report: Pitching prospects dropping like flies


I'm sorry I've been such a slacker on the Pebble Reports the last couple of days, I'm running into some early deadlines with a big project adapting Shakespeare into opera. It probably didn't help...

Sunday Pebble Report: Hynick stymies Omaha while Rogers does the same to Arkansas, Ryan Speier has a rough inning of rehab, more.


Rockies Pebble Report for 5/17: Brandon Hynick shuts down the Omaha Royals, while Esmil Rogers does the same to the Arkansas Travelers. Meanwhile, Ryan Speier as trouble with A-ball hitters in...

Friday Pebble Report: Old Tulsa, Young Asheville survey


Rox Girl evaluates the older batting prospects in Tulsa and younger prospects in Asheville. Who is most likely to reach the big leagues?

Friday Pebble Report: Johnson continues to impress, Gomez continues to mash


Colorado Springs (17-9, 0.5 GB): W 2-1 Alan Johnson struck out seven in six and two thirds innings and allowed just three hits in helping the Sky Sox eventually earn a victory. Johnson dominated...

Monday Pebble Report: Chacin rocked at Tulsa; Cleary and Roling each get hits in Asheville debuts


Colorado Springs: W 7-5 Dan Ortmeier hit a clutch, two out, two run home run in the bottom of the seventh inning that proved to be the difference maker for the Sky Sox on Sunday. Carlos Gonzalez...

Friday Pebble Report: Gonzalez breaks out, Deduno struggles, pests help Tourists


Colorado Springs (5-2): W 10-4 photo courtesy milb.com Carlos Gonzalez showed signs that his bat may be starting to wake up, hitting two doubles, walking twice and scoring three runs in the...

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