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Fall 2010: Top 30 PuRPs Polling Thread


Time once again for the Purple Row Prospects (PuRPs) poll. List your top 30 Rockies prospects (those players in the system that haven't exhausted their Rookie of the Year eligibility) in order. S...

Top 30 PuRPs polling thread


For all you newbies, this is Purple Row's community prospects list. Everybody may list up to 30 Rockies prospects, as long as they are still Rookie of the Year eligible.. In order to reflect the...

Top 30 PuRPs discussion thread


So since we don't have a lot going on tonight and since the MLB team was uhm, lacking today, it's probably a good time to talk prospects in advance of our polling thread. Just in case you were...

Fall 2009 Top 30 PuRPs List


Find out who made the Fall 2009 Top 30 PuRPs List

Top 30 PuRPs Poll


List your top 30 Rockies prospects. If you don't have 30, we will accept partial ballots this time. If you didn't read the pre-discussion thread, the other changes are that in order to be put on...

Top 30 PuRPs Prospect List Thread:


For new users, the PuRPs list is Purple Row's community poll of the top Colorado Rockies prospects. We list and rank the players we feel are the thirty best Rockies prospects still ROY eligible...

Rockies Farm Report: Looking at Rockies Prospects ages 22-24


A look at the Rockies current crop of young talent between the ages of 22-24 foretells big things for the team a few seasons down the road.

Thursday Rockpile: Aaron Heilman whisper, "new" Rockies blog and a top 15 prospect list


The Rockies are the one specified team out of six purportedly still interested in Aaron Heilman in this Daily News piece about him expressing a desire to start or get traded. The tricky part...

Purple Row Prospects (PuRPs) List, #21-#30


Today, we start with the back end of the Top 30 Purple Row Prospects (PuRPs) List: PuRPs List, #21-#30 Rank Player Points 21 Everth Cabrera 85 22 Matt Miller 81 23 C...

Purple Row Prospects (PuRPs) Voting


All right, voting for the latest Purple Row Prospects List starts today. Only complete ballots are accepted, so you must rank 30 prospects. I'll leave the voting open through Friday night, and this...

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