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Where is tRA?


Did Fangraphs take away tRA a few days ago, or something? What happened? Did Appelman not like it? Or is there something inherently wrong with the stat that we should know about?

New Wikipedia Article on tRA


I just started this article last night. Please feel free to add any info that I missed.

Statistical Metrics II – Pitching


Continuing from last week's Counting Rocks, we refresh our readership on the pitching metrics that we throw around Purple Row.

FanGraphs now has tRA


If Kyle's doing to push my first "real" post off hiatus down with two FanShots on the same day, I can return the favor... For those of you who remember my early post on Pitcher Value from way back when may also remember me talking about my favorite fielding-independent pitching stat, tRA. You can read my earlier post to learn more about it and also find links to further explanations by its creator, Graham MacAree of Lookout Landing. Previously, it was only available at Graham and Matthew Carruth's cool site, Stat Corner, which was also the first site I know of to implement wOBA. Anyway, long story short, FanGraphs is now going to carry tRA (in slightly different form due to a different data source). This is very good news. Nice job Graham and Dave Appleman.

tRA: Because you pitched better, and you deserve better.


tRA is a new pitching metric designed to take all of a pitcher's game into account when assigning his run responsibility. How do the Rockies stack up when we explore the more complicated metrics?

PRAA Leaders (5/13)

  1. Zack Greinke: 22.37
  2. Johan Santana: 16.09
  3. Tim Lincecum: 12.50
  4. Wandy Rodriguez: 11.28
  5. Roy Halladay: 10.21

TRA and the Rangers


I was randomly browsing Stat Corner and came across something interesting today. Only one Ranger has been above average in total pitching runs created. That doesn't actually surprise me because it seems pretty apparent to me that a lot more of our run-prevention turn around is the fielding than the pitching. What does surprise me is that it's not Kevin Millwood (who is 35th in tRA but slightly below average in total). Rather, it's Scott Feldman, who has put up a 1.87 tRA, good for a 5.92 pRAA and a 164 tRA+. That's kind of obscene, and I had no idea from watching he had been quite that incredible. That's an All-Star performance as a starter so far. His regressed tRA* (5.10) is quite a bit higher, but still best on the team. Across the Hall has been fucking awesome in the rotation.

Royals rotation - FIP, tRA, tRA+

  1. Zack Greinke - 1.39, 1.35, 174 (#1 starter level)
  2. Gil Meche - 2.46, 2.85, 146 (#1 starter level)
  3. Kyle Davies - 5.62, 7.01, 66 (#5 starter level - below replacement level)
  4. Sidney Ponson - 4.70, 5.15, 102 (#3 starter level)
  5. Brian Bannister - 4.05, 3.49, 133 (#1 starter level)

Mets Starting Pitcher tRA+


Mets starting pitchers not named Johan or Santana have been terrible.

Royals rotation - FIP, tRA, tRA+

  1. Gil Meche - 2.06, 2.04, 160
  2. Zack Greinke - 1.56, 2.48, 152
  3. Kyle Davies - 3.15, 2.28, 156
  4. Sidney Ponson - 3.42, 2.67, 148
  5. Horacio Ramirez - 8.38, 7.14, 61
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