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2013 Colorado Rockies coaching review


The Rockies are an organization known for their loyalty. That's why it was interesting to see Walt Weiss given a one year deal as a new manager coming into 2013. Whatever it was that Weiss did this...

Weiss talks injuries, contract status


The Rockies try to run their home record against the Diamondbacks to 6-2 this year on a balmy Saturday night at Coors Field.

Purple Row Interviews Geoff Young - 2013 Outlook


Part four of Purple Row's interview with Baseball Prospectus writer and Padres blogger Geoff Young, discussing some Colorado position players, Walt Weiss, and BP's 2013 outlook for the Rockies.

Wednesday Rockpile: Band's Getting Back Together


The Rockies are getting the band back together, bringing in Dante Bichette to join Walt Weiss in the 1995 Rockies Reunion Tour. Winning is good, nostalgia is better.

Sunday Rockpile: Weiss hire already paying off


The scrutiny of new Rockies manager Walt Weiss by some in the media seems to be aimed more at Dan O'Dowd and Bill Geivett, but these indirect digs lose their effectiveness in the lack of critical...

Saturday Rockpile: Rockies To Follow La Russa Way


Say what you will about Tony LaRussa's personal failings, but he was an incredibly successful manager in MLB. If Walt Weiss wants to emulate him on the field during his Rockies tenure, I'm all for it.

Thursday Rockpile: Rockies make Weiss choice?


The Rockies hired Walt Weiss to replace Jim Tracy as a manager, but it could be awhile before we actually know if it was the right decision or not.

Thursday Rockpile: Rockies done manager hunting


The Rockies apparently has seen enough of six candidates to figure that the right one is in their pool already, but will he have enough to change the fortunes of a miserable team?

Saturday Rockpile: Walt Weiss, Rockies Manager?


The manager search extends into its third week, and a new candidate has emerged out of the fog. This new candidate has extensive ties to the organization and had been mentioned as a future manager...

Monday Rockpile: Walt Weiss' Return to the Dugout?


First an update on Casey Weathers. From the RMN: [Weathers' injury] was officially diagnosed as a strained flexor muscle in his right forearm. The Rockies want club doctors to examine him to...

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