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Game 17 WPA: Alternating clowns. Nats 3, SCA 1


The calliope wasn't playing for the Nats this time, but they weren't too proud to dance to it when it played for the other side.

Game 1 WPA: When's ST over? Nats 9, Mets 7


A messy game, but a win's a win. Nice days for Span, Barrett, and

A Look at the Cards' Losing Streak With WPA


The Cardinals went through their toughest stretch in years, losing seven consecutive games in six days to the Braves and Pirates. Which Cardinals does WPA pin the blame on for the losing streak?

Game 20 WPA: .500 was the old goal. Nats 0, STL 2


The Nats continue not to score runs, squandering chances while the pitching is as about as close to perfect as they can manage. At least there were no errors?

Game 13 WPA: Triskaidekaphilia. Nats 10, Fish 3.


J-Zim goes the full 9, R-Zim goes yard, and Desi can't stop hitting. The Washington Nationals beat the Miami Marlins tonight 10-3 in the 13th game of the year on April 13th... okay, 15th.

Game 9 WPA: Battle of attrition, Nats 7, Sox 4


I froze on the upper deck through the long innings as Haren improved... somewhat... and the offense kept going.

Game 8 WPA: Not as nail-bitey. Nats 5, Sox 2.


Double-N works around hits by not walking anyone. Meanwhile, the Nats string together a bunch of hits to score their runs tonight, at least after Harper's rocket-assisted Dunn tribute bomb.

Game 7 WPA: Why can't it be easy? Nats 8, Sox 7


The bullpen keeps it "interesting" in best Nats tradition, but luckily the lineup produces plenty of long balls to provide just enough cushion to win.

Game 5 WPA: Redemption! Nats 7, Reds 6


Both individual Nats and the team as a whole turn things around as they even up the series with the Reds at one apiece.

Game 2 WPA: Gio does it all. Nats 3, Fish 0.


Gio Gonzalez pitches, hits, and fields with game-winning proficiency.

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