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WAR Lords of the Diamond (Position Players)


A Colorado Rockies' fan's explanation of the components and principles of Wins above Replacement (WAR) for position players.

Team Weighted Runs Below Average

  1. Oakland Athletics: 32
  2. Arizona Diamondbacks: 21
  3. San Francisco Giants: 20
  4. Cincinnati Reds: 19
  5. Seattle Mariners: 19

Counting Rocks: There are so many statistics....which one should I use?


Learn about wOBA, perhaps the best statistic yet to evaluate hitters, in an in-depth step-by-step explanation.

Quantifying the Offensive Rebound


Using BrewCrewBall's community projections to estimate the impact of a rebound in the offensive production of five key position players.


Question: More fun with BINOMDIST

Okay... this is probably easier than I think and I just suck at math, or I'm so bad at math that it's a lot more complicated than I think it should be... Basically, I'm trying to figure out how...

The Colorado Rockies and wRAA, 2007-2008


How did the Rockies fare with their wRAA's over the last two seasons?

They should have named it willie O' Bloomquist Average


I finally published another highly anticipated article on quantifying the "Little Things" at Driveline... Features my usual Mechian efficiency in getting to the point, but if you want to understand this spreadsheet I've linked here, you should at least take a look at it... That's right, Jose Guillen really did do something. That's what he's getting 3/36 for -- not getting on base, or playing defense, or being able to hit right-handed pitching, but doing the "Little Things." Royal #2 is shocking, but maybe not so much when you think about what this stat means. I actually did the Royals calculations a while before I started writing for Driveline, and it turned into this... which ended up a lot longer and more inconclusive than I had hoped, but maybe it will go somewhere. I hope that if you find it interesting, you'll discuss the conceptual side of things over there, although I'm willing to learn here, too. If nothing else, it prominently features a classic example from the late 70s-early 80s Royals dynasty. And just for the record: +0.43 -0.03 +0.06 Figure it out.

THT: A Primer On wOBA, wRAA


Eric Seidman provides a primer on fancy-pants stats wOBA and wRAA, two of the latest additions to FanGraphs' stable of metrics. A must-read, even if you already know what they are.

God of Little Things 2008


Can we really quantifythe impact of the "little things" baseball journalists and managers are always babbling about? Whose offensive value was most tied up in "little things" in major league...

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