Thoughts From Up High

It's tough to be a Rockies fan


The Rockies are really bad this year, and these three interactions with owner Dick Monfort don't give me a lot of faith that the team will be much better anytime soon. It's a grim time to be a...

Explaining Jordan Lyles


Chris Chrisman has some excellent commentary on Jordan Lyles' strong start over on his blog, Checkswing Roller. A snippet:

"The received wisdom of the Rockies’ front office, pitching coaches, players, fans, writers, and hot dog vendors is that Colorado pitchers thrive when they keep the ball on the ground, and wilt when they don’t.

Whether this is a phenomenon peculiar to the Rockies is debatable. But what’s not debatable is that Jordan Lyles has a 56.3% groundball rate this year. That’s 7% better than his career mark of 49.4%, and 8% better than his GB% last season. In fact, Lyles currently has the 10th-best groundball rate among all MLB starters. And with the Rockies playing outstanding defense, only 2.6% of ground balls hit off of Lyles go for infield hits."

Rockies front office approval poll


Colorado is off to a good start, all things considered. How much credit does the front office deserve?

Welcome to Purple Row


Welcome to Purple Row! Are you new to the community? Check out this exhaustive guide for new users! If you've been around awhile, still check this post out for some things that will be new for the...

Renck leaving the Rockies beat


If you're a Broncos fan, you're lucky enough to be able to continue to enjoy the work Renck puts in day in and day out.

Bold prediction: Bettis will dominate out of 'pen


Bettis has a chance to be a dominant middle reliever as soon as this season ... if the Rockies let him.

Merry Christmas from Purple Row


Enjoy the holiday!

Happy Thanksgiving from Purple Row


Enjoy the holiday!

Wednesday Rockpile: Monforts embarrass the Rockies


With his second DUI arrest, Charlie Monfort has once again recklessly endangered the lives of drivers. No wonder he's been phased out of decision-making for the Rockies. Maybe it's time that the...

BE BETTER: Reviewing the Purple Row posting rules


The staff at Purple Row has identified the need to remind our valued community members of certain posting guidelines that, let's be honest, have not been followed a large chunk of posters,...


Wednesday Rockpile: Todd Helton at Coors Field


Todd Helton's final home game tonight will be an emotional event for Rockies fans - many of whom spent their formative years watching Helton represent the Colorado Rockies franchise. Here are some...

Past & Present: Paradigm shift


The NL West has not played out as expected, which has left the door open and changed how the Rockies are approaching the 2013 season.



In taking three of four from the Giants, the Rockies have made it clear that they mean business.

Past & Present: The May swoon, fact or fiction?


Is it inevitable that the Rockies will play poorly in May, or is something else afoot?

No-hitters: Arbitrary achievements?


What do no-hitters really tell us about performance?

Dingers Dingers Dingers Dingers


The Colorado Rockies lead the league in home runs. What does that mean for their chances of contention?

The Great Rockies Census, Part 3


The Great Rockies Census of 2013 continues to roll on.

Steady as a Rock


As the Rockies look to rebound from a shaky 2012 season, major improvements in the team's defensive play would go a long way in generating a rebound in 2013. Should Rockies fans be concerned about...

What to take from the Rockies' win over Team USA


Quick thoughts on the Rockies-USA game from a spectator.

Meet The New Purple Row Writers


Each and every one of you has a story. Here are the stories of Purple Row's new writers.

Purple Row Welcomes Seven New Writers


The Purple Row Writer Search produced a plethora of great writer candidates. Thanks to everyone who participated and congratulations to those who were selected!

Purple Row Writer Search 2013: Posting Schedule

Make sure to check in to see who will be posting when in the Purple Row Writer Search 2013!

Purple Row Writer Search 2013


Here's your chance to broadcast your Rockies opinions & analysis to the world as a member of the Purple Row writing staff!

Monday Rockpile: Meet The New Boss, Who Reference


An official introduction of Jeff Aberle, new managing editor of Purple Row.

The Public Relations Disaster That Is Our Colorado Rockies


The Colorado Rockies are a disaster. Everything from their Year Of The Fan campaign to their play on the field, and everything in between, has been a massive failure. And the worst part? It doesn't...

Is Christian the Savior?


Is Christian the Savior? Not yet and maybe never, but his 2012 is very much worth celebration.

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