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Monday Playoffs/AFL Thread... oh, and Aaron Miles leaving?

Only one series left undecided after Shawn Chacon helped the Yankees even things up with Anaheim last night, and after the Astros won an eighteen inning marathon.

In the AFL, the Javelinas play Grand Canyon, Jon Asahina should get his second start.

A couple more Rockies notes, last week Newsday reported that the Mets were talking with the Rockies on a disappointing 2Bagger swap, the Mets would send Kaz Matsui to us, we'd send Miles to them. The only problem is the gazillions of dollars the Mets have promised Matsui, we'd like for them to pick up the tab for their folly.

Also from last week, the Royals are talking to Bob McClure and Fred Kendall for their big league coaching vacancies, as both are holdovers from the Buddy Bell era here. Losing either wouldn't help the Rockies as both have been integral to the development of Gen-R. McClure might be particularly troublesome, as pitching development remains a fairly large weakness on the team.

Finally, why does Tracy Ringolsby tease us like this? Apparently Justin Upton isn't liking the offer Arizona has put on the table, and frankly, I wonder about why it's so low as well. I still think the D-backs will come to their senses and offer Upton at least as much as they gave Drew, but suddenly I wonder if that's really the case why they haven't come a little closer. That would be big news for the Rox future, as Upton's skills outstrip the rest of the 2006 draft class, and our centerfield concerns would melt away at his signing.